Our Mungoswells Farm Case Study

150kW Biomass District Heating Project

Located 1 Kilometer south west of Drem in East Lothian, Mungoswells is a privately owned farm which produces potatoes and has their own grain drying and malting facilities. Mungoswells has seven cottages for the farm workers.

Client Requirements

The rising costs of heating fuel, the costs of maintaining seven individual oil boilers and the introduction of RHI (renewable heat incentive) led the client to consider a more sustainable source of heating his cottages.

New Biomass Boiler & Heating System including Pipework

Turnbull & Scott undertook a Technical Survey of heating loads across the site and the suitability for district heating scheme. The biomass plant comprises a 150kW Schmid UTSL wood chip boiler supplied by Imperative Energy Ltd and a 1500litre thermal store to assist with high peaks in thermal demand whilst the fuel store can hold up to 75 Tonnes of woodchip and consists of a rotary extractor at floor level within store.

  •  Boiler -150kW UTSL 150kW (Supplied by Imperative Energy Ltd)
  •  Accumulator – 1500Ltr Akvaterm Thermal Store
  •  Fuel supply – Woodchip (30% moisture content)
  •  District pipework – 180Mtrs twin pre-Insulated plastic pipe

The boiler house was designed to fit into an existing disused barn which the client renovated prior to the project starting. The district heating main is a pre-insulated twin pipe which runs underground and enters each property. Each Property had a HIU (hydraulic interface unit) which allowed the district heating main to connect with the existing heating and hot water system within the cottages.



Mungoswells Farm Biomass

Benefits to the Client

The introduction of RHI (renewable heat incentive) gave the client a 4 year payback on his investment and he will continue to benefit from the RHI for another 16 years. Each farm worker can be billed for the exact amount of heat used in the cottage with the built in heat meter inside each HIU. Distribution network and optimised controls have all resulted in a heating system with high seasonal efficiency, which has reduced the reliance of the site on fossil fuel.

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