Our Sellafield Ltd Case Study

Bespoke Heat Exchanger Design & Manufacture
for the Magnox East River Heater Refurbishment Project

Sellafield Ltd (Cumbria) is the company responsible for safely delivering decommissioning, reprocessing and nuclear waste management activities on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Client Requirements

Sellafield Ltd required a solution to replace the current existing coils for the Magnox East River Heater. The solution would need to take into account the specific requirements of the project (the temperatures and air supply) into the planning stages.

Bespoke Heat Exchanger Design & Manufacture

Turnbull & Scott visited the site to measure the existing coils and to ensure that the required design airflows and temperatures were achievable. This design was revised to include heat recovery coils and new structural steel support framework. Turnbull and Scott designed heat exchangers to suit the engineers’ needs to ensure fit and function.

The heat exchangers were designed to incorporate the original requirements of the project, such as:

  •  Raise 50m3/hr air from -4°C to 18°C using steam at 1.9 bar.
  •  Heat recovery coils designed to cool 0.512kg/sec condensate to 30°C using air at 14.3°C.
  • As a project, the Magnox East River Heater was additionally challenging due to its specific requirements.
  •  The heat exchangers were designed to be manufactured in eight sections to allow for ease of handling during on site installation.
  •  Each section compromises copper tubes with copper fins (electro tinned after manufacture).
  •  The tubes are mechanically jointed into heavy duty steel headers via the Turnbull & Scott patented “Taper Ferrule” method.
  •  As no brazed joints are employed, this reduces the risk of failure due to frost damage.

When the structure was complete it was transported for delivery to the site in Cumbria where Turnbull & Scott crews installed the exchangers commissioning work in a matter of days.


sellafield coils

Benefits to the Client

The bespoke heat exchanger solution offered a reliable and robust product which was designed and built to the specification of the client. Full installation services were offered and carried out by our very own skilled engineers and the project was delivered on time and on budget

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