Our Woodend Farm Case Study

Biomass Boiler & Bespoke Heat Exchanger for Grain Drying
& District Heating System

Located in Duns in the Scottish Borders, Woodend Farm is a family farming enterprise growing 200ha of cereal crops.

Client Requirements

Woodend Farm had an aim to make their site carbon neutral whilst making savings on their grain drying and domestic heating. The rising costs of heating fuel, the costs of maintaining a number of buildings, a grain dryer and the introduction of RHI led the client to consider a more sustainable source of energy.

Bespoke Gilled Tube Heating System Designed, Manufactured & Installed

Turnbull & Scott provided a complete bespoke solution including design, installation and commissioning a biomass boiler and heat exchanger for the farm including:

  • 450kW Overdahl mass burn boiler with 50m3 accumulator
  • Heat recovery from flue gases to accumulator increased boiler efficiency to 88%
  • Fuel type: rape straw (average moisture content of 20%)
  • Bespoke industrial heat exchanger, replacing traditional oil burner, designed to heat 17m3/sec air from 25°c to 46°c

Turnbull & Scott ensured the project was delivered on time, in budget and was designed to also provide district heating of farm cottages and offices.

Biomass Boiler & Bespoke Heat Exchanger

Benefits to the Client

With the new biomass boiler and heat exchanger system in place, the farm dried over 3000 tonnes of cereal crops at a cost of 30 pence per tonne, previously the cost was £8-£14 per tonne on gas or oil.  This represents a saving of £25,000 per year

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