Industrial Heat Exchangers

The Heat Transfer and Recovery Specialists Heavy Duty Heat Exchangers for tough environments 

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Heavy Duty for Tough Environments
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A British engineering company located in The Scottish Borders, Turnbull & Scott has specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial heat exchangers for over 80 years. Its Heat Exchanger products are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and operational endurance.  Company accreditation includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and Fit For Nuclear (F4N).

The company’s highly durable heat exchanger products are particularly suitable for harsh environments or difficult to access locations calling for long plant life with minimal maintenance.

Heat Transfer & Recovery in Challenging Environments

Turnbull & Scott designs and manufactures high-end, heavy duty, robust, heat exchanger systems for a wide variety of industrial applications within traditional power generation, low-carbon CHP, nuclear, food processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, paper and packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. These include:

The technical design team has a wealth of expertise in thermodynamics and heat transfer and welcomes enquiries at the earliest stages of project development.

Repairs & Refurbishments

The company offers repair and refurbishment services also and can offer on-site visits and factory testing to determine whether repairs are possible and to undertake repairs and refurbishment of existing coils and headers where feasible or supply retrofit of replacement coils and headers where required.

What is a heat exchanger?

heat exchanger is a device which transfers (or exchanges) heat from one fluid to another.

When considering what you want from your heat exchanger, it is important to think about the reasons why you want a heat exchanger, as well as how and where you will use it.


When do you need a Heat Exchanger?

  • You want to take a cold fluid and make it hot
  • You want to take a hot fluid and cool it down
  • You want to cool a fluid while heating another fluid
  • You want to use a hot fluid to heat another fluid

To ensure you get the very best solution, and to enable us to give you a good idea of cost, think about the following:


What do I need to consider?

Fluid type

What are the 'fluids' you are heating (air and steam, air and water, other)?


What are the inlet temperatures of the fluids?
What are the outlet temperatures of the fluids?

Fluid quantity

What is the volume flow rate?
What is the mass flow rate?

Expected envelope

Where will the unit be fitted?
How big is the space?
Are there any structural considerations?
What will it connect to?

These considerations inform the application of our expertise (in thermofluids, heat transfer, design, manufacture and installation) to ensure you get the best and most value-for-money heat exchanger for your needs. 

Specify the right heat exchanger

Get in touch so we can understand your needs and advise on the best options. 

Turnbull & Scott is an industry-leading provider of industrial heat exchangers across the UK, with heat exchange units from gilled and finned tube systems to air blast coolers designed to suit various requirements.