Air Blast Coolers / Dry Air Coolers

Energy efficient solution for cooling process liquids




Turnbull & Scott designs and manufactures robust, high performance Air Blast Coolers, also known as Dry Air Coolers, for a wide range of industries.

The exceptional design and build quality makes them ideal for extreme applications and machinery running 24/7.

The company has over 70 years experience in heat transfer applications and provides a bespoke design service to ensure its Air Blast Coolers deliver the required thermal performance within an optimised footprint. We also repair and refurbish units to improve performance.

Air Blast Coolers, variously known as Dry Air Coolers or Fin Fan Coolers, are part of the 'Dry Cooling' technology family along with Air Cooled Condensers.

Air Blast Coolers cool liquid while Air Cooled Condensers cool steam.

The liquid to be cooled flows inside a network of tubes that have fins attached to facilitate heat transfer.

Ambient air is blown or drawn across the fins to cool the liquid inside.

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Bespoke Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning

Turnbull & Scott has a long history of providing design, manufacture and installation of Air Blast Coolers to customers operating in challenging environments with exacting requirements.

It as an unrivalled reputation for producing robust, intelligent cooling products for the broadest range of industrial and commercial applications.

Design & Material Options

Stainless steels

150mm–6,000mm (per unit/module)

Fin Arrangement
Helical fin or plate at varying fin pitch on tube from 15mm–100mm diameter

Surface Treatment
Hot dip galvanised
Polyurethane coated
Zinc plated

Cooler Configurations & Capacities

  • Cooling loads from 10 kW to several thousand kW to within 3°C of the prevailing ambient temperature.
  • Configurations include V-Type, 1/2 -V, A-Type, larger W-Type as well as Flatbed systems horizontal or vertical airflow .
  • Fully packaged plug-and-play coolers with pump sets and controls supplied to meet specific operating requirements.
  • Un-packaged cooling coil modules for OEM system integration
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Air Blast Cooler Repair & Refurbishment

Extend your Plant Life

With over 70 years experience in heat exchanger design and manufacture, Turnbull & Scott is exceptionally well placed to test and determine the root cause of cooler failures.

The company can offer on-site visits and factory testing to determine whether repairs are possible and to undertake repairs and refurbishment of existing coils and headers where feasible or supply retrofit of replacement coils and headers where required.

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