Plant Room Frost Protection

Commercial & Industrial Heat offer heating solutions to stop freezing and the build up of condensation in your plant room

Plant rooms, where critical or expensive equipment is installed, require the air temperature to be maintained at around 5°C.

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This is to stop freezing and the build up of condensation both of which are detrimental to the efficient functioning of the equipment.

Low volume well insulated enclosures, such as lift motor rooms, are easily heated by electric CFT Heavy Duty Finned Tubular Heaters controlled by a CFST Frost Thermostat. The CFT Heavy Duty Finned Tubular Heaters, with IP65 protection, are also ideal for use in wet environments such as pump rooms.

Larger enclosures require greater air circulation to ensure even heating, for which, the versatile wall or ceiling mounting CUH Heavy Duty Unit Heaters can be used.

In high roofed areas the addition of CDF De-Stratification Fan will ensure adequate air movement for even heating. They can also be used for de-stratification with any heat source.

For assistance with frost protection heaters, heater sizing and selection in your plant room please contact our sales team.

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