Warehouse Heating

Energy saving electric, hot water or steam heating solutions for
large volume buildings

Warehouses are usually high volume spaces with high roofs and the heating requirement is generally to maintain a minimum temperature to protect the building and its contents.

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Wide roof spans and racking mean mounting locations for heaters are often limited, so the CUHW Energy Saving Unit Heater, either roof mounted or suspended on chain, is an ideal solution.  The vertical airflow gives an added benefit of de-stratification, with a more energy efficient use of heated air.  The fan can be run to give air circulation in the summer months.

If wall space is available CUH Heavy Duty Heaters can be wall mounted with horizontal airflow.  The addition of the CDF De-Stratification Fan will supplement the heater airflows to ensure adequate air movement for even heating.  They can also be used for de-stratification with any heat source.

Thermolier Unit Heaters for use with steam or hot water can be used as part of a fan driven hot air heating system which utilises heat exchange technology to keep cost at bay. Units are available in horizontal and downflow (vertical) models and front louvers and careful situation of the units gives exceptionally fast warm up and practical heat control in large spaces. Requiring little or no maintenance, this system is a tough and efficient heating solution.

The Sonniger Heater is a smaller, lighter alternative that can be used with electric or hot water systems and has a heat output range of 10kW to 70kW.  Neat and stylish it is perfect for large retail spaces, car showrooms or gymnasiums.

To selectively heat a small area within a large volume building, such as a work station or packing area, warm air heating is generally not feasible.  The CQIR Quartz Infra Red Heater gives concentrated spot heating and can be controlled using passive infra red movement sensors.

For assistance with heater sizing and selection please contact our sales team.

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How to heat an industrial building

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