Commercial Electric Heat (CEH Ltd)

Manufacturers of a range of electric space heaters for commercial and industrial use – now part of Turnbull & Scott

Heat Loss Help
Wide Product Range

As specialist and long-established experts in Heating System Design we have the experience to guide you through the process of choosing and installing your heating system efficiently and cost-effectively.

Turnbull & Scott specialist engineering design team will discuss your project requirements, evaluate the different options and draw up a thermodynamic design, including heat-loss calculations, and produce certified CAD drawings.

Our commitment to ongoing training as Investors in People and our research partnership with Strathclyde University mean our knowledge and skills are right at the cutting edge of design and manufacture.

With clients as diverse as agricultural farms, private care homes, factories, country estates, leisure centres, local authorities, NHS hospitals, office premises, and retail stores, we have the technical expertise and experience to provide heating system for your needs, however challenging.

Some clients have used our products for many decades, and have been able to gain many more years of service through cost-effective refurbishment. We use high quality materials that last.

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