Industrial Unit Heaters

A versatile range of robust fan forced unit heaters to service factories, warehouses, workshops, ships, power and chemical plants, exhibition halls, sports halls and showrooms with both electric, LPHW, and steam versions available.

A robust range of industrial unit heaters with models suited to a multitude of environments.

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  • The long established Thermolier range has both LPHW and steam models with ATEX rated motors available. While ideal for high ceiling factories and warehouses, Thermolier unit heaters can commonly be found in challenging and diverse environments such as ships, oil rigs, nuclear and chemical plants spaces.
  • The Taskmaster unit heater range is an industrial workhorse for those requiring an electric heating solution. Ideal for factories, workshops, warehouses and sports halls.

Combining modern aesthetics and lightweight materials without compromise on heat output, CIH brings the Sonniger HEATER R range to the UK market.

  • The Sonniger HEATER R range provides LPHW space heating combining high heat outputs, modern aesthetics with an extremely lightweight casing. Equally suitable for showrooms, retail outlets and sports halls as well as factories and warehouses.

Industrial Unit Heaters

Commercial Industrial Heat (CIH) offers unit heaters to accommodate every type of industrial setting. CIH products can be found in factories, warehouses, retail outlets, workshops, car showrooms, sports halls, ships, oil rigs,  nuclear and chemical plants around the world.

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