Commercial & Light Dry Air Cooler Range

Our Commercial & Industrial grade air blast/dry air coolers are designed and built to fulfill any installation and application requirement. 

Dry Air Cooler Products

The highly resilient light-industrial range of dry air coolers includes the novel space saving round modular dry cooler as well as traditional V-shape and Table style dry coolers to provide cooling for data centres, water-cooled chillers, gas or diesel fired gensets, air compressors, and industrial process fluids.

DMR white 1

Round Modular

  • 50% greater heat exchange surface
  • 75% less footprint
  • Overcome space constraints
  • Link-up multiple units
V shape air blast cooler


  • Three different sized models
  • Frame embedded electrical panel
  • Easy to transport, install and maintain
Flatbed air cooler


  • Wide range of duty
  • Vertical or horizontal air flow-installation flexibility
Intellibatic dry cooler


  • Easily transported modules
  • 1MW+ installed with 800kg crane
  • Automatic adiabatic switch-over in hot weather

Round Modular Dry Cooler
Model: DMR

The DMR is a revolutionary modular dry air cooler that, with its microchannel heat exchanger and novel cylindrical shape, has a 50% greater heat exchange surface than a traditional dry cooler configuration with the same physical footprint.

The cylindrical shape and 360o heat exchange surfaces mean that it can be installed very close to walls resulting in up to a 75% reduction in the required installation surface, providing an ideal cooling solution in space constrained and difficult to access environments.

A single module can dissipate up to 61kW heat (at ambient air 25 °C; water-in 35°C & water-out 30°C) with a total footprint of only 1.21 m2.

The DMR Air Dry Cooler can be used as a single module, or can be combined with other modules in line, or in a perpendicular configuration, to meet the required cooling capacity.

  • Cooling capacity: from 30 to 2,300kW
  • Fan diameter: 800 and 910 mm
  • Number of fans: from 1 to 20
DMR Round Modular Dry Cooler
DMR configuration

V-shape Dry Coolers
The V-shape models come in three standard sizes

V shape air blast cooler


The DGV model offers the greatest cooling capacity and has an encased electrical panel, this allows for protection from atmosphere conditions, decrease in overall dimensions by 400mm.

  • Cooling capacity: from 160 to 2060 kW
  • Fan diameter: 800 and 910 mm
  • Number of fans: from 2 to 20
V Shape Dry Air Cooler


The DIV model ensures a good compromise between power, ease of installation and maintenance. It is ideal where low visual impact is required with a max height of 2085mm.

  • Cooling capacity: from 140 to 1680 kW
  • Fan diameter: 800 and 910 mm
  • Number of fans: from 2 to 20


The DSV model is the smallest in the V-shape range and its single row of fans provides the highest level of power by footprint in its category. Ideal where low visual impact is required.

  • Cooling capacity: from 140 to 1680 kW
  • Fan diameter: 800 and 910 mm
  • Number of fans: from 2 to 20

Flatbed Dry Coolers
Model: DVH

The Flatbed dry cooler also known as Table type has a very wide power range and the HV bi-flow design means the same device can be installed both with vertical air flow and horizontal air flow. This feature gives the designer greater flexibility in his project layout.

Flatbed Air Cooler

Modular ‘Intellibatic’ Dry Cooler
Model: DMI

This innovative modular Dry Cooler, with automatic adiabatic functionality, can be transported by standard lorry or container and installed in sections and assembled on-site. This means a one megawatt plus Dry Cooler can be installed with an 800 kg load-bearing crane with enormous benefits in terms of logistics and installation costs.

The modular design also allows you to increase the cooling capacity by adding sections at a later date. Read more here...

  • Cooling capacity: from 50 to 1500 kW
  • Fan diameter: 800 and 910 mm
  • Number of fans: from 1 to 22
Althermo DMI Modular Intellibatic Dry Cooler
Rooftop althermo dry coolers

Materials & Components

Frame Components
Galvanised steel, powder coated with a coverage of 80 microns, guaranteeing C4 corrosion resistance. All the fastening elements are in AISI 304 grade stainless steel.

Built with the most suitable shape, tube diameter and fin pitch for the specific configurations, so that each device can achieve maximum power per unit volume and occupied surface.

On standard model coils are copper tube with aluminum fins. Fin pitch from 18 to 21mm, tube diameter 9.52mm or 12mm. Coil geometry 30x26mm or 25x22mm. On request copper fins and pre-painted aluminum available.

Brushless EC fans as standard for optimal performance levels, efficiency and low noise emissions and to ensure compliance with the current and future ERP2020 regulations. Three-phase and single-phase AC fans can also be fitted on request.

Capacity Calculations

The capacities are calculated with the latest and most sophisticated calculation methods and are validated on real units with a Ambient Air Temperature (AT) of 25 °C, Fluid Input Temperature (FIT) of 40 °C and a Fluid Output Temperature (FOT) of 35 °C. Fluid: Water.

Bespoke Design

In addition to the standard ranges above, non-standard size equipment can also be supplied, such as dry coolers operating at extreme operating temperatures (ambient temperature up to 40 °C and fluid input temperatures up to 90 °C).

Directives applied

2014/68/CE Pressure Equipment Directive: PED
UNI EN 60204/1 Electrical equipment for machinery
2006/42/CE Machinery Directive: MD.
2011/65/EU Directive on the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: RoHS. ISO 9001 quality standard