Bespoke Heavy Duty Dry Air Blast Cooler Range

Our heavy duty range of industrial grade air blast / dry air coolers are custom designed for customers operating in challenging environments with exacting project requirements.

Custom Designed Heavy Duty Dry Air Coolers 

Turnbull & Scott is renowned for its robust heavy duty heat exchanger coils. These coils are commonly utilised in harsh operating environments and due to their durability are often found in difficult to access locations where the requirement for minimal maintenance is an imperative. Two types of heat exchangers designs are available for the bespoke Industrial Dry Air Coolers. Read our Case Study on how a Dry Air Cooler can help make huge water savings.


Proprietary Cu Al Plate-fin Coil Heat Exchanger Design

Blast cooler product

Central to the robustness of T&S plate-fin coils is the unique steel encased tube header design which incorporates high grade thick walled copper tubes and BS EH1501-161-430 (EN10028) boilerplate and interference fit steel ferrules.

This unique design ensures integrity at high temperature and pressure and negates the requirement of traditional return bends which have inherent fragility and are notoriously prone to frost damage.


Spiral Wound Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Design

This type of heat exchanger in a Dry Air Cooler offers significant flexibility in terms of coil materials and headers making them well suited to higher pressure applications or corrosive environments.  Options include:

  • Steel fin on a steel tube 
  • Stainless steel fin on stainless steel tube 
  • Al fin on steel Al fin on stainless steel 
  • Thick tube heavy duty tubular or box headers 
  • Vertical orientation for restricted footprint
Spiral Fin Vertical Cooler

Design & Material Options


Steels, Stainless steels, Copper, Aluminium


500mm-6,000mm (per unit/module)

Fin Arrangement

Helical fin or plate at varying fin pitch on tube from 15mm-26.7mm diameter

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanised, Polyurethane coated, Zinc plated

Cooling Configurations & Capacities

  • Cooling loads from 10 kW to several thousand kW to within 3°C of the prevailing ambient temperature.
  • Configurations include V-Type, 1/2 -V, A-Type, larger W-Type as well as Flatbed systems horizontal or vertical airflow.
  • Fully packaged plug-and-play coolers if required with pump set and controls supplied to meet specific operating requirements.
  • Un-packaged cooling coils modules for OEM system integration
Blast Cooler in Factory
Damaged blast cooler

Air Blast Cooler / Dry Air Cooler Repair & Refurbishment 

Extend your Plant Life

With over 70 years experience in heat exchanger design and manufacture, Turnbull & Scott is exceptionally well placed to test and determine the root cause of cooler failures.

The company can offer on-site visits and factory testing to determine whether repairs are possible to undertake repairs and refurbishment of existing coils and headers where feasible or supply retrofit of replacement coils and headers where required.