About Turnbull & Scott

Trusted in the delivery of  heat transfer solutions since 1933

Founded in 1933, Turnbull & Scott’s roots are embedded in the world renowned textiles industry in the Scottish Borders, where we have supported the vital steam and hot water infrastructures across the mills throughout the decades.

Over the last 90 years we have continually built upon those foundations and developed an enviable body of knowledge and expertise in design and manufacture of heat transfer products and solutions.

We work across the full spectrum of manufacturing and process industries in the UK and beyond as well as the public and commercial sectors.

Borders Countryside
Industrial Heat Exchanger in warehouse

Industrial Heat Exchangers 

Turnbull & Scott design and manufacture of extended surface heat exchangers, both spiral fin and plate fin.

Our custom designed products are robust, heavy duty coils renowned for longevity and consistency of performance and are often found in harsh environments, and in difficult to access locations, where low maintenance is a pre-requisite.

From base heating and cooling coils the range of products extends to dry air/air blast coolers, steam condensers, economisers and process heat recovery units and custom dryers.

Design Capability

Central to our design capability is our proprietary research-backed design software which can accommodate a broad range of geometries for finned tube and bare tube crossflow type heat exchangers.

The software includes the capability to deal with thermal oils, fuel oils, water and steam, flue gasses (exhaust gasses) wide range of liquid, gaseous and vaporous chemicals.

There is also a wide range of metals in the database to inform the calculations of the thermal conductivity and heat capacities, which are also passed to the structural calculations.

The design correlations for performance prediction are drawn from industrial, academic and proprietary sources, meaning that the correct set of calculations can be chosen for the size, scale and type of heat exchanger being designed to ensure the design is based on the most relevant research.

Heating and Cooling
Thermolier unit heater

Commercial Industrial Heaters 

Turnbull & Scott’s Commercial & Industrial Heaters products emerged from the Industrial Heat Exchangers focus where finned tube and plate fin, the basic cores of the heat exchangers, were used to make specialist radiators and heating elements for use with a piped hot water system in commercial and industrial space heating applications.

In 1991 steam-fed industrial space heaters were added to the portfolio following the acquisition of the Thermolier heating company. These highly robust, distinctive bright red steam space heaters are highly visible in manufacturing and processing plants throughout the country.

In 2010, Turnbull & Scott brought electric space heater product manufacturing capability to the organisation and with it its commercial sector customers – electrical wholesalers, Electrical Engineering Consultant specifiers and commercial contractors.

From that point we have continued to add to our product ranges both through in-house development and supply partnerships.

Trusted Wheel

Our Promise

Our customers trust us to understand, solve and deliver the solution to their comfort or process heating, drying, cooling and energy saving challenges.

We are proud to have a loyal and growing customer base amongst OEMs, end-users, specialist contractors, engineers and wholesalers who value our expertise, integrity and accessibility.

Whether serving customers in the nuclear, food & drink, renewable energy, chemical or construction industries or horticulture, poultry and church sectors, they get to know us.

Our Team

Turnbull & Scott is very proud of its loyal team of highly skilled engineers, fabricators, welders and administrative colleagues.

We have been an avid support of engineering apprenticeships throughout our long history, and in recent years colleagues have engaged also in both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes with Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde Universities.