Waste Heat Recovery

Heat recovery has the potential to realise significant energy and carbon savings through a reduction in fuel consumption

Heat Recovery & Re-use

Companies across all industries are constantly looking for ways to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint and subsequently we have been engaged in heat exchanger design, manufacture and supply for customers’ heat recovery projects for many years.

However, global events that have led to turmoil in the energy markets have elevated the imperative to seek ways to reduce energy costs to a new level, and we are spending an increasing amount of time working with customers right across manufacturing and processing industries to assess energy saving opportunities and determine what’s possible and indeed feasible.

Net Zero
  • Many of our projects centre on capturing heat from exhaust gases emanating from industrial boilers, dryers, kilns, ovens, thermal oxidizers etc. 
  • By placing a custom designed heat exchanger coil in the flue, the heat is most commonly captured in a fluid such as water or thermal oil & then piped off for reuse elsewhere in an operation. Sometimes it’s transferred to another air stream rather than a liquid. 
  • Increasingly too, we design & supply equipment for heat capture from other sources i.e. refrigeration, chiller & cooling systems & engine cooling. 
  • Regardless of source type, custom system design starts with characterisation of the heat – as well as temperature, the volume of gas, the level of contamination & humidity within the gas are also considered to establish whether the heat is ‘high grade’ or’ low grade’ – read more on this in our Dryer Manufacturers Heat Recovery Brochure.
  • The degree of pressure drop incurred in recovering the heat is also accounted for in our designs, with appropriate fans incorporated if required. 
  • There are several different types of heat recovery coils used to capture waste heat from flue gases depending largely on what is to be done with the captured heat. Read more about the different types of heat recovery coils here.

Hot Water from Waste Heat sources

We have specialised in custom design of heavy duty heat exchanger coils for 90 years.  

Recovering Heat from Flue Gases, Steam or Process Air

Heating hot water by capturing waste heat from flue gases, steam or hot process air to heat water for space heating, cleaning, or to use in production is an ideal energy saving measure. It has never been more straightforward than with the Exodraft heat recovery system. 

With an Exodraft heat recovery solution as much as 95% of the waste energy can be recovered. This translates to a potential 15-30% reduction in fuel consumption and an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Exodraft offer two systems: 
    • The Safe Plate (SP) Series for flue gases up to 400oC 
    • The Basic Plate (BP) Series for flue gases up to 600oC 
  • Systems include easy to clean heat recovery units, inline fans or chimney fans for optimal draft, and bypass dampers. 
  • Bypass systems installed either separately (BD series) or as an integrated part of the heat recovery unit (SP series) mean that the heat transfer process doesn’t interfere with production uptime. 
  • Explore Exodraft product range & accessories here. 
Recovering Waste Heat from Refrigeration Systems 

Heating water from waste heat recovered from a refrigeration system is a great energy conservation measure for those who operate a chiller system and also have demand for hot water.

Refrigeration systems are used extensively in food and drink production and in hospitality and retail businesses to cool and store products and materials. Many of these very same operations often have a demand for hot water for general hygiene purposes, deep cleaning or for use elsewhere in their operations commonly supplied via a gas boiler.

The SPAR-HEAT refrigeration heat recovery system, designed and manufactured by our supply partner Fabdec, is the ideal energy saving solution for those operations that have both a chilling and hot water requirement.

The SPAR-HEAT product:

  • Compatible with a wide range of refrigerants: R-404A, R-449A, R407F, R-407C, R-410A, R-452A, R-134A
  • 130 -3000 litre hot water capacities
  • Heats potable water up to 60°C
  • Immersion bosses for boosting water temp up to 85°C
  • Durable duplex stainless steel

Custom Designed Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

  • We have specialised in custom design of heavy duty heat exchanger coils for 90 years.
  • Our highly robust finned tube and bare tube coils are found in the harshest of operating environments. As an example check out a Turnbull & Scott ‘Economiser’.
  • Whether gas/air-to-water (or thermal oils) type coils, gas/air-to liquid-to gas/air type coils or straight gas/air-to-gas/air type designs, we can supply individual custom coils for you to integrate into your heat recovery system.
  • Alternatively, we can supply the complete heat recovery system including custom heat recovery coils with ductwork, pipework & pump-sets as required.
  • If you can supply us with gas temperatures and composition, gas flow-rates and humidity levels we can get the ball rolling to determine the feasibility of your heat recovery project.