Waste Heat Recovery & Economisers

Capture and re-use waste heat to drive energy efficiency and environmental performance forward

Boiler Flue Gas Economisers

Boiler economisers are tried-and-tested technology for recovering heat from flue gases. They improve thermal efficiency by as much as 95% and can save fuel costs by 4–6% per year.





Suitable for:

Oil boilers

Gas boilers

Biomass boilers

heat recovery economiser unit

Standard & Custom-Designed Economisers

Specialists in Economiser manufacture & repair

Select an Economiser from our standard range for steam boiler capacities of 1,000-16,000 kg/hr or contact us for a custom design to meet your specific requirements. We are able to provide end-to-end design, manufacture and installation services for all our Economisers and also offer repair and refurbishment services for existing plant.

Standard Economiser Range
  • 16 models for steam boilers from 1,000 Kg/Hr to 16,000 Kg/Hr
  • Smallest to largest dimensions:
    • 1,000 kg/Hr steam boiler: 2,100mm (l) x 700mm (w) overall x 680mm (d)
    • 16,000 kg/Hr steam boiler: 2,700mm (l) x 750mm (w) overall x 680mm (d)
  • Connections– 50mmNB inlet/outlet, 25mmNB safety and 15mmNB air release and drain-all flanged PN40
  • Hydraulic test pressure – 37.5 bar
Custom Design Services
Repairs & Refurbishment

Custom Solutions for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery

Turnbull and Scott specialise in industrial waste heat recovery equipment, and our thermal energy experts will help you assess your heat recovery project and establish the best solution.

Optimal design for heat recovery schemes

The temperature of waste heat can vary greatly, from gas streams of several hundred °C to temperatures down to 40°C from other sources. We take into consideration all waste heat characteristics to determine the amount of waste heat available for optimal heat recovery system design.

Steam coils with no background

Waste Heat Recovery

Improving Energy Efficiency through Waste Heat Recovery

Heat is responsible for approx. 70% of final energy demand in UK industry. Industrial heat recovery has the potential to realise significant energy bill and carbon savings for industry through a reduction in primary fuel use.

The drive for industrial heat recovery is gaining momentum as can be seen with the launch of the UK Government's Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme (IHRS) in July 2018.

Turnbull and Scott typically design and manufacture waste heat recovery solutions from heat sources discharging heat to 560°C using stainless steel heat exchangers and up to 400°C using carbon steel.

Heat Recovery Specialisms:

Gas/Air to Liquid

Liquid to Gas/Air

Gas/Air to Gas/Air

Industries & Sectors:

  • Nuclear
  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food Processing
  • Distilleries
  • Co-generation/CHP plants
  • OEMs
  • Process waste water/fluids
  • Process steam condensate
  • Cooling water from high temp. applications
  • Steam boiler exhaust
  • Gas turbine exhaust
  • Reciprocating gas engines
  • Drying ovens/kilns