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Commercial Space Heating

Electric Architectural Wall Heater

High Level Electric Heater

Recessed Ceiling Heater

Finned & Gilled Tube Heating

Copper tube, aluminium fin baseboard heating element

Electric Finned Tube Radiator

Finned Tube Radiator

Industrial Unit Heaters

HGI Heavy Duty Portable Electric Fan Heater

Sonniger Ceiling-Mounted De-Stratification Fan

Taskmaster Electric Unit Heater

Taskmaster Electric Unit Heater – Workshop Package

Thermolier Unit Heater (Steam-fed)

Thermolier Unit Heater (Electric)

Heavy Duty Space Heaters

Sonniger CR Unit Heater (LPHW)

Sonniger CR MAX Unit Heater (LPHW) for Heat Pumps

Infrared Heaters

UFO S-23 Infrared Heater with Remote Control

UFO S-29 Infrared Heater


Over Door Heaters & Air Curtains

Electric Over Door Heater

Recessed Electric Over Door Heater

Sonniger Guard Commercial Air Curtain (LPHW, electric or ambient air)

Sonniger GuardPro Industrial Air Curtain (LPHW, electric or ambient air options)

Perimeter & Trench Heating

Hitte Fan-Assisted Electric Trench Heating

Hitte Fan-Assisted LPHW Trench Heating

Hitte Natural Convection LPHW Trench Heating

Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heating

Wall & Ceiling Heaters

Recessed Electric Wall Heater