Perimeter & Trench Heating

Sophisticated Heating Systems with a Modern Minimalist Style

Why Choose Trench Heating? 

Trench Heating is now universally found throughout buildings of all types including homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums providing discreet heating. Read more here...

We have a range of standard products available for 48hr UK delivery which you can buy online or call to order, as well as a vast range of dimensional configurations that are made to order on a project by project basis.

If you are working on a specification for a trench heating project and want to evaluate different options including costs, use our Product Selection & Costing Tool and save each option as a pdf file.

Trench heating in living room
Floor Standing Heater

Why Choose Perimeter Heating? 

Floor Standing Heaters are a stylish Perimeter Heating option. This product is minimalist, elegant, and subtle, as well as being highly effective, quiet and a discreet heating solution.

Unlike trench heating, this stylish product stands on the floor. The heat rises, by means of natural convection or fan forced for additional output. It can be used either as a primary heating system or a secondary system where it will help increase overall heating system efficiency by counteracting downdraught and condensation in highly glazed areas.

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Our Permieter &

Trench Heating Range

Electric Fan-Assisted Trench Heating

From:  £510.00

LPHW Fan-Assisted Trench Heating

From:  £410.00


Natural Convection LPHW Trench Heating

From:  £335.00

Floor Standing Perimeter Heating

From:  £540.00

Baseboard (copper tube/aluminium)

From:  £160.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary or secondary heating source

Trench heating can be used either as a highly effective primary heating system or as a secondary heating system to help increase overall heating system efficiency by counteracting downdraught and heating losses in highly glazed areas.

Trench Heating Models for Wet or Humid Environments

In addition, the Hitte range offers specially adapted models for operation in wet or humid areas such as swimming pools, saunas and garden terracing.