Finned & Gilled Tube Heating

Stylish Finned Tube Radiators and versatile Gilled/Finned Tube heating solutions for commercial and industrial environments.

Finned Tube Radiators

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Distinctive and stylish Finned Tube Radiators are so versatile that they are equally suited to interiors of contemporary buildings as well as historical, and are commonly used in refurbishment projects.

Connected into a building’s hot water boiler heating system, they are ideal for use in individual rooms, conservatories, halls, corridors, reception areas.

The standard products are available in either black or white and in lengths of 1 or 2 meters. Bespoke radiators can be manufactured in lengths up to 6 meters and supplied in a variety of colours.

Electric Finned Tube Radiators

The Electric Finned Tube Radiator is ideal for applications where a waterproof heavy duty convector heater is required or where washing down may occur.

Typical locations include plant rooms, greenhouses, food storage areas, mines and quarries, shipboard and container storage.

Gilled Tube/Finned Tube

Referred to by some heating specialists as gilled tube and others as finned tube, this is typically used in large projects where longer tube runs are required for a heating system. It offers great versatility being able to run LPHW, HPHW and steam.

Custom made, individual tubes of up to 6 meters can be supplied with flanged ends to join together with a gasket, or threaded ends to join by means of coupling joints or unions. A variety of bore sizes are available including 25, 32, 40, 50, 65 and 80mm diameters.

As standard they are provided with a natural metal finish. Powder coating (any RAL colour) or a hot dip galvanised finish is available on request.


Baseboard is a configuration of copper pipe and aluminium fins. It is excellent for installation in a floor trench or convector casing for corridors in airports, hospitals, schools, museums, supermarkets and is often used for replacements in refurbishment projects.

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