Finned & Gilled Tube

Finned Tube Heating and Gilled Tube manufactured by Turnbull & Scott are unbelievably versatile, with both LPHW and electric versions available providing effective heating and heat dissipation/absorption

Commercial & Industrial Heat’s range of Gilled tube is offered in a variety of bore sizes (25, 32, 40, 50, 65 and 80mm) and is custom made on site at our factory in the Scottish Borders.  These products are both versatile and robust and can be designed to suit any application.

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Gilled tube can run LPHW, HPHW and Steam thus offering even greater versatility to suit any application and is, typically, used in larger industrial applications and tube heaters. As these products are built to order, please contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to help.  For less industrial applications, our Finned Tube Radiators are stylish and elegant yet robust giving maximum heat in small spaces, with their innovative extended surface design.

Running off LPHW and HPHW, the simple design of gilled/finned tube radiators and minimalist looks make them ideal for contemporary buildings as well as historical and refurbishment projects.

The electric finned tube (CFT) range is perfect for applications where a waterproof heavy duty convector heater is required or where washing down may occur.

Typical locations include plant rooms, greenhouses, food storage areas, mines and quarries, shipboard and container storage.

Baseboard, a configuration of copper pipe and aluminium fins, is great for installation in trench or convector casing for corridors in airports, hospitals, schools, museums, supermarkets and is often used for replacements in refurbishment projects.

Gilled Tube Heating

Also known as finned tube heating, we design and manufacture bespoke gilled tube configurations, ideal for under pew church heating, pubs and restaurants as well as large scale projects such as poultry sheds and botanical and university buildings.

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