Over-Door Heaters & Air Curtains

Welcome your customers with a warm Over-Door Heater or Air Curtain …..and save money on your energy bills

Over-Door Heaters & Air Curtains

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It is essential that a pleasant and comfortable entrance greets everyone working in or visiting an area. Cool air permeating from an external to an internal space can be pretty disagreeable, and having Air Curtains or Over-Door Heaters in place can greatly assist in creating a warm, welcoming environment.

Although the names Over-Door Heaters and Air Curtains are sometimes used interchangeably, they are in fact not the same thing, and they serve different purposes.

Over-Door Heaters

Electric Over-Door Heaters are fan heaters that have a lower air flow rate than Air Curtains and their purpose is to warm air around the entrance area creating a pleasant room entry environment. They are typically used above doorways that have limited people traffic and where the door is, in the main, more often closed than open. They are often shorter in length than the actual doorway.

CIH offer two types Over-Door Heater – a surface mounted heater range and a ceiling recessed heater range.

  • The standard Electric Over Door Heater models are surface mounted and are supplied with an adjustable bracket. They are available as standard with a white or textured copper bronze finish or as non-standard in a RAL colour (at additional cost and subject to availability). The heat output ranges from 3kW to 9kW depending on the model selected.
  • With Electric Recessed Over Door Heater models the main body of the heater is concealed in the ceiling space, or a bulkhead above the door, with only the front protruding to deliver the warm air flow and it is supplied with a remote switch.  The frames around the outlet grille have a white powder coated finish. The heat output ranges from 3kW to 9kW depending on the model selected.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains deliver a continuous wall of air from the top to the bottom of a doorway. They have a higher air flow rate than Over-Door Heaters and are designed to create an invisible air barrier down over an entrance, separating the air between two environments of different temperatures. They are typically used at entrances that are more often open than closed.

Air Curtains may or may not have integrated heating elements as heating the air inside the internal environment is not the primary function. Models that do contain a heating element will provide a warmer welcome, but should not be expected to entirely heat the wider space. CIH offers a Commercial range and an Industrial range of Air Curtains.

  • The Commercial Air Curtains range is the Sonniger Guard range which is ideal for small to medium sized shops, retail outlets, receptions, sports halls and workshops. This range has two heated models, a hot water-fed (LPHW) version and an electric version.  It also has an ‘ambient’ model that simply circulates the internal air at speed to create the invisible air wall. These highly effective Air Curtains deliver air flows of 2,000m3/hr to 4,800 m3/hr depending on the model selected.
  • The heavier duty Industrial Air Curtains range is the Sonniger Guard Pro range that has both hot water-fed (LPHW), electric and non-heated ‘ambient’ temperature versions.  This range is ideal for industrial warehouses and factories, large retail outlets, product showrooms and similar such spaces. These ultra-powerful Air Curtains deliver air flows of 5,800m3/hr to 9,200 m3/hr depending on the model selected.

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