Electric Recessed Over-Door Heater

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The Electric Recessed Over-Door Heater is designed to warm air around the door entrance area creating a pleasant environment to walk into.  The main body of this recessed heater is concealed in the ceiling space, or a bulkhead, above the door. These are ideal for shops, retail outlets, offices, entrance halls, and workshops. The heat output ranges from 3kW to 9kW depending on the model selected below. Standard models are white in colour (RAL 9010).

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Product Description

Key Features

  • 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW and 9kW units available
  • Special in-ceiling or bulkhead mounting
  • Over temperature cut-out with power off reset
  • Can be mounted from above or below ceiling
  • Complete with grille frame for a neat installation
  • Selection of heat and fan only with remote switch unit
  • Outlet grille and frame have white powder coated finish (RAL 9010) as standard
  • Other RAL colour powder coating finishes available on request depending on volumes

Technical Specifications

Cat No. Output:
VoltsHeater Length(mm)Heater Height(mm)Heater Depth(mm)
Grill Length(mm)Grill Height(mm)Grill Depth(mm)Weight(kg)
RDH-3000Remote switch included3.0230570210120625145306.0
RDH-4500Remote switch included4.5230570210120625145306.0
RDH-6000Remote switch included6.02308002101208551453013.0
RDH-9000Remote switch included9.0230 & 400117021012012251453016.0

Design & Installation

The heaters are designed to take their input air from the ceiling void. It is, therefore, imperative that a suitably sized inlet grille is provided within the ceiling or enclosure. The minimum clearance to the top inlet grille is 20mm, to the back 30mm and to the front inlet grille 100mm. If one inlet grille is at its minimum dimension the other must have an unrestricted airflow.

For optimum effect the heater should be mounted as close as possible to the top of the doorway. The maximum recommended mounting height is 2.3m for 3kW and 2.8m for 4.5kW, 6kW and 9kW units.

It is recommended a frame is provided around the ceiling opening. The adjustable brackets then allow fixing to the top of this frame or to the face of the ceiling. Alternatively, holes are provided in the top of heater for drop rod fixings.

The grille frame is fixed directly to the ceiling to provide a decorative finish.

3kW, 4.5kW and 6kW units are only suitable for connection to a 230V single phase power supply. The 9kW is suitable for both a 230V single phase or 400V three phase and neutral supply Connection should be made to a suitably fused power supply via the remote switch unit. 4.5kW, 6kW and 9kW must be connected directly to the power distribution board. Connection should be via a 2 pole switched connection unit having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles.

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).

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