Sonniger GuardPro Industrial Air Curtain (LPHW, electric or ambient air options)

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High quality at competitive prices. GuardPro Industrial Air Curtains are designed to minimise heat loss in high traffic areas by maintaining a protective barrier at the entrance to the building or between two areas of different temperatures.

Powerful fans deliver airflow up to 7.5m. A modular design approach enables coverage of wide openings based on 1m & 2m lengths. Vertical or horizontal installation.

Typical installations include large retail outlets & showrooms,  factories & industrial warehouses, garages & workshops. Brackets included.

Please note: 

1) Learn about the difference between an Air Curtain and an Over-Door Heater here

2) The kW heat outputs for the LPHW range in the drop-down are based on a mean water temp. of 70C and ambient air temp. of 10C. 

3) Noise levels found below in technical specifications 


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Product Description

High quality at competitive prices. This ‘GuardPro’ Range comes in 3 types each with length options of 1.5m & 2m. The GuardPro ‘W’ is the hot water-fed (LPHW) range. The Guard Pro ‘E’ is the electric range and the GuardPro ‘C’ is the ambient air/fan only range for entrances where no additional comfort heat is required.

Suited to installation at entrances to large retail centres & shops, building reception halls, sports halls, loading/unloading  bays in supermarkets, hotels, factories & warehouses etc. with  lots traffic coming and going.

Modular design concept – two or more units can be used side by side to cover large entrances, in both vertical or horizontal orientation.

The Air curtains use a set of high-performance fans with a diameter of 450mm, which in combination with the appropriate and optimally selected shape of the air flow ducts has allowed a long range of air stream up to 7.5m. The universal design of the device allows the use of the same modules both vertically and horizontally.

The Sonninger GuardPro C ambient air model can also assist in the de-stratification of heat in large spaces by encouraging air movement around the building.

Key Features

  • Electric, LPHW & no heat ‘ambient air’ options
  • Electric models – PTC electric heating elements
  • Modern & innovative modular design approach
  • Combine 1.5m & 2m lengths for wide openings
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • High performance fans – throw up to 7.5m
  • Aluminium Grey powder coated as standard
  • Flexible Control Options
  • Failure rate of only 0.39%
  • Noise levels found below in technical specifications


Technical Specifications

Electric Electric Ambient AirAmbient Air
GuardPro 150WGuardPro 200WGuardPro 150EGuardPro 200EGuardPro 150CGuardPro 200C
Heat Output*(kW)24*34*1421--
Max Airflow(m3/h)6,5009,0006,7009,1005,8009,200
Fan Input/Consump(V/Hz & A)230/50 2.4A230/50 3.6A230/50 2.4A230/50 3.6A230/50 2.4A230/50 3.6A
Fan Motor Power(kW)0.500.750.50.750.500.75
Electrical Element Consump(V/Hz & A)--400/50 17A400/50 29A--
Noise leveldB (A)596159615961
Weight with/out water(kg)46/4462/60n/a/37n/a/51
Protection classIPIP 54IP 54IP 54IP 54IP 54IP 54

Note *: The kW heat outputs for the LPHW range are based on a mean water temp. of 70C and air inlet temp. of 10C.