Cooling & Chilling

Commerical & Industrial Dry Air Coolers and Highly Efficient, Reliable, Durable Chillers for every Application

Dry Air Coolers & Chillers

Turnbull & Scott provides industrial process cooling and HVAC related cooling solutions for the broadest range of applications including those with requiring ultra-precise sub-ambient air temperature fluid temperature control.

Whether you need cooling down to ambient air temperature levels using Dry Air Coolers, slightly lower than ambient temperatures using Adiabatic Coolers, or even cooler, below, for example, 26°C right down to just above freezing using Chillers, we can deliver for you.


Dry Air Coolers - Commercial/Light Industrial Grade

30kW - 2,300kW

Highly resilient & efficient this range includes the novel space saving round modular dry cooler as well as traditional V-shape and Table style dry coolers to provide cooling for data centres, water-cooled chillers, gas or diesel fired gensets, air compressors, and industrial process fluids.

Dry Air Coolers - Custom Heavy Duty Industrial Grade

kW - custom capacity

Our heavy duty industrial grade coolers are custom designed for customers operating in harsh, challenging environments. Two heat exchanger designs available - spiral wound finned tube design or a Cu Al plate-fin coil design with a unique steel encased header.

General Utility Process Chillers

14kW - 250kW

Mono & multi scroll air cooled chillers designed for customers who require straightforward, reliable, smaller capacity process chillers that are easy to install & manage. Operate on 410A refrigerant as standard with low GWP R454b as an option.

High Performance Precision Chillers

19kW - 2,500kW

With three ranges of high performance precision chillers, each range is centered around a different compressor type & each offers standard, low and the very low GWP refrigerant options HFO 1234ze or Propane R290.