Heating and Cooling Coils

Heavy-duty heat exchangers for harsh environments or difficult to access locations

Robust Heating Coils & Cooling Coils

Turnbull & Scott custom design and manufacture extended surface, finned, plate-fin and plain tube crossflow type heat exchangers (also known as 'coils') for the broadest range of industrial heating, drying, dry cooling and heat recovery applications. We have the solution for you depending on your application, including steam heat exchangers, water, or more.

Robust, Heavy Duty Coils for OEMs & End Users

Our robust heat exchanger coils and batteries are renowned for their thermal performance, reliability and longevity. They can be found in the most challenging environments.

We supply end-user clients for both new installation and refurbishment projects and also OEM clients who integrate our high-grade coils into their heating, drying, cooling & heat recovery equipment.

Proprietary Cu Al Plate-fin Coil Heat Exchanger Design

Central to the robustness of T&S plate-fin coils is the unique steel encased tube header design which incorporates high grade thick walled copper tubes and BS EH1501-161-430 (EN10028) boilerplate and interference fit steel ferrules.

This unique design ensures integrity at high temperature and pressure and negates the requirement of traditional return bends which have inherent fragility and are notoriously prone to frost damage.

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Heat Exchanger Coil Industries & Applications

Our Industries & Sectors

  • Nuclear
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power generation
  • Low carbon energy generation -CHP - AD/biogas, biomass, natural gas
  • Textiles
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Timber
  • Food processing
  • Brewing & distilling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture

Heat Transfer Media

  • Steam
  • Water/glycol
  • Thermal oils
  • Air
  • Nitrogen
  • Many other gases & liquids

Heat Transfer Flows

  • Gas/Air to Liquid
  • Liquid to Gas/Air
  • Gas/Air to Gas/Air

Across the manufacturing and process industries heat is continually being generated and transferred, and increasingly it's being recovered and transferred again for reuse.

Economiser Battery
Heating coils

Design & Material Options

Heat Exchanger Design

Proprietary research-backed design software

Broad range of geometries for finned tube & bare tube crossflow type heat exchangers

Thermal oils, fuel oils, water and steam, exhaust gasses & wide range of liquid, gaseous and vaporous chemicals

Certified CAD drawings

Tube & Fin Arrangement

Plain Tube or spiral-fin or plate-fin at varying fin pitch on tube from 15mm–100mm diameter.

Number of rows as required.

Operating Parameters

Operating temperatures: to 560oC

Steam operating pressure: to 40 bar
Steam testing pressure: to 60 bar

HPHW operating pressure: to 50 bar
HPHW testing pressure: to 75 bar

LPHW operating pressure: to 15 bar
LPHW testing pressure: to 22.5 bar

Materials & Dimensions

Steels, Stainless steels, Copper, Aluminium

150mm–6,000mm (per unit/module)

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanised
Polyurethane coated
Zinc plated


Steel or stainless steel
Round, crescent or boxed

Custom Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning

Turnbull & Scott has a long history of providing design, manufacture and installation of heaters, dryers, coolers, coils and heat recovery units to customers operating in challenging environments with exacting requirements. It as an unrivalled reputation for producing robust, intelligent cooling products for the broadest range of industrial and commercial applications.

Engineering design

Extend your Plant Life

With over 70 years experience in heat exchanger design and manufacture, Turnbull & Scott is exceptionally well placed to test and determine the root cause of heat exchanger failures.

Plain tube, extended surface as well as shell & tube heat exchanger repairs undertaken.

The company can offer on-site visits and factory testing to determine whether repairs are possible and to undertake repairs and refurbishment of existing coils and headers where feasible or supply retrofit of replacement coils and headers where required.

heating coils being repaired