Highly Efficient-Reliable-Durable Chillers

Eco-sustainability. Energy Efficiency. Customisation.

High Performance Chillers

HVAC Comfort Cooling & Industrial Chillers

Whether you need to deliver comfortable and healthy environments for people, or operate industrial chillers for temperature sensitive industrial processes, we provide exceptional custom designed and standardised chiller systems all underpinned by world-class engineering and technologies.

Intelligent Chiller Systems from 19kW to 2500kW

Whatever your cooling load, our intelligently controlled chiller systems can be configured and optimised according to your priorities whether they be precision temperature control, ultra-efficiency across load levels, low noise, low environmental impact, minimised footprint or a combination of all.

As a long established and trusted UK manufacturer of robust cooling coils and Dry Air Coolers, we partner with award winning Italian chiller system manufacturer Geoclima, to extend our commercial and industrial cooling system products right along the ‘cooling systems continuum’ from ambient to sub-ambient temperature levels.


Geoclima chillers have world-class compressor efficiency at their core delivered through a combination of rigorously developed technologies:

  • Premium compressors with highly accurate load matching capacity control
  • Generously dimensioned condensers
  • Flooded evaporators or unsparingly selected plate & DX heat exchangers
  • Highly precise fan speed and refrigerant expansion valve control
  • 'Onboard Touch'  web-based monitoring solution

With three ranges of chillers, each range is centered around a different compressor type & each offers standard, low and the very low GWP refrigerant options HFO 1234ze or Propane R290.

19 kW to 1196 kW

Highly reliable, durable, compact & light-weight scroll or reciprocating compressor chillers providing lower running & maintenance costs. Ideal for smaller plants.

67 kW to 1900 kW

Highly efficient & reliable inverter driven screw compressor chillers characterised by a simple structure with few moving parts, minimising vibrations & associated noise.


200kW – 2500kW

Ultra-efficient chillers with unparalleled intelligent load matching capability & water temperature control designed around Turbocor™ oil-free centrifugal compressors.