Dry Air Coolers

Commerical & Industrial Dry Air Coolers for the Broadest Spectrum of Applications 

Dry Air Coolers - Air Blast Coolers

Turnbull & Scott provides industrial process cooling and HVAC related cooling solutions for the broadest range of applications including those with requiring ultra-precise sub-ambient air temperature fluid temperature control.

Commercial - Light Industrial Dry Air Coolers

We offer standard V shaped & table style models as well as the novel award winning, space saving DMR round modular dry cooler, & intelligent Adiabatic Coolers.

Our Dry Air Coolers are widely used for industrial process cooling where ambient air level cooling is required, for water-cooled chiller heat dissipation, water-cooled compressor systems, water cooled absorption chillers & also for critical cooling in Data Centres.

Fully packaged units with intetrated pump sets are available to meet your specifications.

Bespoke Heavy Duty Industrial Coolers

We are well renowned for the design & manufacture of robust heavy duty heat exchanger coils & offer two types of coils for heavy duty coolers: plate-fin coils with our unique steel encased tube header design & spiral wound finned tube heat exchanger design.

Specialist Cooling Solutions

We are also able to provide specialist cooling solutions that combine Dry Air Coolers with Chillers via a plate heat exchanger for situations where precise fluid temperature control is vital & is below what could be achieved by using an evaporative dry cooler system.

Commercial & Light Industrial Range

Our Commercial & Industrial grade Dry Air Coolers are designed and built to fulfil any installation and application requirement.

Bespoke Heavy Duty Industrial Range

Our heavy duty industrial grade coolers are custom designed for customers operating in challenging environments

Some FAQ's to those exploring Dry Air Cooling for the first time!
V Shape Dry Air Cooler