Dry Air Coolers

Commerical & Industrial Dry Air Coolers for the broadest spectrum of Applications & Industries

Commercial & Light Industrial Range

Our Commercial & Industrial grade Dry Air Coolers are designed and built to fulfil any installation and application requirement.

Bespoke Heavy Duty Industrial Range

Our heavy duty range of industrial grade Dry Air Coolers are custom designed for customers operating in challenging environments with exacting requirements.

Dry Air Coolers, variously known also as Air Blast Coolers  or Fin Fan Coolers, are part of the 'Dry Cooling' technology family along with Air Cooled Condensers.

Air Blast Coolers cool liquid while Air Cooled Condensers cool steam.

The liquid to be cooled flows inside a network of tubes that have fins attached to facilitate heat transfer.

Ambient air is blown or drawn across the fins to cool the liquid inside.

V shape air blast cooler