Commercial & Industrial Heaters

 Efficient and effective space heating for every type of built environment from modern minimalist styled commercial spaces to rugged workshops and factories

Our Commercial & Industrial Heat (CIH) division aims to ensure you can find the most appropriate, highly efficient space heating products for public sector, commercial or industrial buildings.

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Our technical sales team members will support you in calculating heat losses and identifying the most suitable heaters for your project.


If you require precise thermal tolerances, we can design and build a system to suit.

We have a wide and versatile range of electric and water-fed (LPHW) heaters available and are prepared to consider variations from the standard to meet your specifications and requirements.

Heating products for every Commercial & Industrial setting

  • industrial space heating ducts

    Space Heating

    Bespoke industrial space heating systems that are precisely tailored to your requirements and will repay your investment many times over

  • Boutique store

    Commercial Space Heating

    To be comfortable, offices need to be warm and draft free. Electric heating is versatile and easy to control while Finned Tube Radiators offer a stylish rugged look.

  • Turnbull & Scott Unit Heater

    Industrial Unit Heaters

    A versatile range of robust fan forced steam and water-fed unit heaters to service factories, warehouses, workshops, ships, power and chemical plants, exhibition halls, sports halls and showrooms

  • Trench heating along sliding doors

    Perimeter & Trench Heating

    Space-saving, stylish and unobtrusive Trench Heating combats condensation and is suitable for a wide range of commercial and public applications

  • air-curtains-retail

    Air Curtains & Over Door Heaters

    An entrance Over Door Heater or Air Curtain both protects against cold drafts entering and prevents warm air leaving a building

  • Gilled Tube Heating Exchanger

    Finned Tube Radiators and Gilled Tube 

    Finned Tube Radiators and Gilled Tube manufactured by Turnbull & Scott are robust and versatile and extremely stylish.

  • wall heater in office

    Wall Heaters

    Robust, space-saving, fan-forced electric wall heaters to be recessed into the wall or surface mounted. Ideal for entrance halls, reception areas, stairways, corridors and waiting rooms

  • Time Guard 7 Day Fused Time Controller

    Thermostats & Controls

    Accurate temperature control helps reduce energy bills.  Turnbull & Scott offer a range of thermostats and timers to enable a more energy efficient heating installation

  • Heating system design in large hall

    Heating System Design

    Turnbull & Scott strives to keep its expertise and knowledge base at the leading edge of engineering. Our engineering design team are specialists in Heating System Design and can assist you in calculating heat loss.

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