Commercial & Industrial Space Heaters

Efficient and effective space heating for all types of built environments

Heaters for Commercial & Industrial Environments

Whether you have a shop, large retail space, office or church to heat, keeping customers and staff comfortable and warm is a real priority. We offer a distinctive range of heaters both electric, and LPHW models fed from piped hot water system.

Starting from sub-level floor we have discreet Trench Heating, LPHW or electric. Moving up to floor level we offer stylish LPHW Finned Tube Radiators and a selection of electric Wall Heaters. At the highest levels, we have LPHW and electric Air Curtains as well as ambient versions, without heat, and electric Over Door Heaters.

For those configuring bespoke heating systems, select your lengths of Finned Tube for LPHW, HPHW or steam applications or  copper/aluminium Baseboard.

We offer a range of electric medium wave Infrared Heaters designed to produce infrared wavelengths best suited to providing comfortable heating for our customers.

Our robust and versatile range of industrial heaters are found in factories, warehouses, retail centres, showrooms, workshops, processing plants, on oil rigs and aboard ships.

The Industrial Unit Heaters range includes the Thermolier steam series (with ATEX motor), LPHW as well as electric products. The heavy duty Industrial Air Curtains are supplied in LPHW and electric versions, as well as ambient versions, without heat. For plant rooms, environments where washing down occurs the IP65 rated heavy-duty Electric Finned Tube Radiator is an ideal workhorse.