Industrial & Commercial Heating Systems

Incorporating Commercial Electric Heat (CEH Ltd),
Turnbull & Scott manufactures and supplies robust, high quality space heating products


Commercial & Industrial Heat from Turnbull & Scott provides highly efficient space heating products for public sector, commercial or industrial buildings.

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Incorporating Commercial Electric Heat Ltd (CEH Ltd), we manufacture and supply efficient and effective space heating products and offer a range of Steam, LPHW and Electric systems.

If you require precise thermal tolerances, we can design and build a system to suit.  Our range of Sonniger and Thermolier products are particularly well suited to high ceiling spaces and can deliver savings of up to 12.5% in heating costs.

We also have a wide and versatile range of electric heaters available and we are prepared to consider variations from the standard to meet your specification and requirements.

Heating Product Expertise

  • Commercial
    Space Heaters

    To be comfortable, offices need to be warm and draft free. Electric heating is versatile and easy to control

  • Heavy Duty
    Space Heaters

    High-efficiency fan-driven heating for steam, LPHW and electric systems provide even heat and lower energy bills

  • air-curtains-retail

    Air Curtains &
    Over Door Heaters

    An entrance Over Door Heater both protects against cold drafts entering and prevents warm air leaving a building

  • Grilled Tube Heating Exchanger

    Finned and Gilled Tube 

    Finned Tube Radiators and Gilled Tube manufactured by Turnbull & Scott are robust and versatile

  • Perimeter Heating

    Space-saving and unobtrusive Trench Heating combats condensation and is suitable for a wide range of commercial and public applications

  • Radiant Heaters

    We manufacture electric Quartz Infra Red Heaters from 1.5kW to 6kW and Radiant Panel Heaters for LPHW or steam heating systems

  • Thermostats & Controls

    Accurate temperature control helps reduce energy bills.  Turnbull & Scott offer a range of thermostats and timers to enable a more energy efficient heating installation

  • boiler

    Boiler Installation

    Committed to the highest standards of health and safety, our engineers will ensure your Boiler is fitted and commissioned, with a minimum of disruption

  • Heating System Design

    Turnbull & Scott strives to keep its expertise and knowledge base at the leading edge of engineering. Our engineering design team are specialists in Heating System Design

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