Thermostats, Controls & Accessories

A wide range of thermostats and controls for your commercial and industrial heaters.

Thermostats, Controllers & Other Accessories

Turnbull & Scott offers a wide range of thermostats, timers and controllers that are compatible with many heaters.

Most of our heaters can be supplied with integral thermostat controls, that are activated by the temperature sensed close to the heater.

More accurate control of the environmental temperature is achieved with a remote thermostat, some of which have additional features to give a more energy efficient installation.

Many products also have optional accessories available.

Our Thermostat Range

Exterior Frost Thermostat

From:  £55.00

Programmable Room Thermostat

From:  £55.00

Interior Room Thermostat

From:  £30.00

Tamper Proof Thermostat

From:  £25.00

Interior Frost Thermostat

From:  £20.00

Programmable Wireless Thermostat

From:  £65.00

Thermostats for Electric Trench & Kickspace Heaters

From:  £60.00

Our Controller Range

BMS Module for GUARD Commercial Air Curtains

From:  £150.00

7 Day Digital Time Controller

From:  £110.00

Intelligent Automatic Control Panel for HEATER R unit heaters

From:  £80.00

7 Day Fused Time Controller

From:  £80.00

7 Day Mechanical Time Controller

From:  £60.00

HEATER Multi6 Splitter for HEATER R1-3 and Sonniger De-stratification Fan

From:  £140.00

Comfort Panel for Sonniger GUARD Air Curtains & Sonniger HEATER R Unit Heaters

From:  £30.00

Our Other Accessories

DOORSTOP for GUARDPRO Industrial Air Curtain

From:  £50.00

DoorSwitch for GUARD Commercial Air Curtain

From:  £40.00

3/4″ Water Valve for HEATER R1-3 unit heater

From:  £40.00

Remote Switch Unit for use With Over Door Heaters

From:  £70.00

TS Lite Actuator for LPHW versions of GUARD Air Curtains & HEATER R Unit Heaters

From:  £30.00

1/2″ Water Valve for Water-fed/LPHW Air Curtains

From:  £20.00

Accessories for Taskmaster CUH Electric Unit Heaters

From:  £70.00