3/4″ Water Valve for HEATER R1-3 unit heater (LPHW)

£45.00 ex VAT

For use with the HEATER R1-3 unit heater range (LPHW)

The  three-quarter-inch Water Valve is used with the water-fed/LPHW version of the HEATER R1-3 unit heater range. It gives installers manual control over the water supply to the unit heater.

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Product Description

The  3/4 inch Water Valve can be used on its own to provide manual on/off control to the user. With the addition of the TS Lite Actuator, the user has the option to automate the water flow.

With the above valve/actuator configuration, you are then able to control the units via the COMFORT Panel or other available controls. This facilitates electronic thermostatic control and speed regulation.

Alternatively, the valve/actuator configuration can be controlled with the INTELLIGENT Automatic Control Panel for extensive control options: weekly programmable timer, automated speed regulation, and thermostatic control. The INTELLIGENT Automatic Control Panel is also BMS compatible.

Technical Specifications

Design & Installation

The installation of the water connection should be carried out in such a way that enables access for maintenance. On both of the unit’s connections, you should install manual shut-off valves to correctly isolate the unit. All connections should be made as stated in the technical documentation supplied with the products. When installing The TS Lite Actuator you must ensure it is installed on the outlet valve of the unit to prevent damage.