Sonniger Unit HEATER R (LPHW)
Water Fan Heater from the backWater-fed Unit Heater in situ

Sonniger Unit HEATER R (LPHW)

From: £300.00

The Sonniger HEATER R fan unit heater (LPHW) is ultra lightweight for its type and ideal for all commercial and industrial applications: retail outlets; leisure centres; exhibition halls; warehouses; factories; garages; workshops; plant rooms. The ambient-air model operates as a de-stratification device mounted horizontally.


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This water-fed unit heater (LPHW) is a groundbreaking solution for heating commercial and industrial buildings. It is uniquely designed and manufactured from expanded polypropylene which reduces the weight of a typical 70kW unit by up to 5 times that of a traditional steel encased unit heater. This results in ease of installation for the contractor, a lifetime casing guarantee for the customer and significant benefits to the environment.

  • Output range from 10-70kW
  • Modern Design
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Easy Installation with Multiple Positional Orientations: horizontal, vertical or tilted
  • Wall and Ceiling Mountable
  • 50db single phase motor
  • High Performance Parameters
  • Simplistic Range Offering
  • Flexible Control Options: thermostat and speed controller


Model No.Mount horizontal (m)Mount vertical (m)Unit Width (mm)Unit Height (mm)Unit Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Noise Level (dBa)Price
R1 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)11.9 (full)56£400
R2 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)14.8 (full)56£500
R3 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)16.9 (full)56£600
Ambient air/de-stratification unit3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)9.256£300


HEATER R1               
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/50
Inlet air temperature051015200510152005101520
Air flow 4900 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW27.525.623.521.419.323.421.519.617.715.819.517.615.814.112.3
Temperature o C17.521.525.529.533.5151923273112.516.520.524.528.5
Water flow m 3 /h1.1110.
Pressure drop kPa1.
Air flow 3450 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW22.520.418.316.214.118.91715.91412.115.113.411.6108.4
Temperature o C1923.126.530.534.516.520.424.529.333.214.618.522.526.530.5
Water flow m 3 /h0.
Pressure drop kPa1.
Air flow 2450 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW19.417.315.413.411.515.313.61210.38.413.
Temperature o C21.125.1293337.1192327.130.934.916.620.624.528.532.6
Water flow m 3 /h0.
Pressure drop kPa10.
HEATER R2                  
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/5050/30
Inlet air temperature0510152005101520051015051015
Air flow 4600 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW48.444.941.53834.641.53834.530.927.434.631.227.824.417.713.99.14.7
Temperature o C32.535.438.541.544.628.531.534.437.540.52426.929.93311.314.416.719.5
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa10.
Air flow 3250 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW39.536.833.930.827.533.530.527.824.221.427.424.321.618.914.
Temperature o C34.537.340.343.246.230.53336.139.242.22628.9323512.915.516.120.4
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa6.
Air flow 2300 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW3228.725.823.920.927.124.722.520.318.222.219.717.214.711.27.95.24
Temperature o C3739.842.845.748.53335.437.741.644.62931.534.637.514.415.617.521.6
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa3.93.532.
HEATER R3                   
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/5050/30
Inlet air temperature051015200510152005101520051520
Air flow 4400 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW67.663.459.355.151.158.454.
Temperature o C47.55052545641.54446485034.53739414318.320.622.925.1
Water flow m 3 /h2.
Pressure drop kPa21.718.115.813.711.816.713.611.
Air flow 3100 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW54.751.548.445.542.447.444.541.638.435.640.136.833.530.126.821.718.114.29.9
Temperature o C50.552.95557.15944.547.1495152.937.54042.1444620.822.724.525.8
Water flow m 3 /h2.
Pressure drop kPa14.411.910.49.17.811.
Air flow 2200 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW44.24240.238.436.638.536.634.832.630.832.730.528.426.123.917.114.2116.1
Temperature o C5456.458.560.662.54850.652.554.556.44143.545.647.549.523.224.625.724.6
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa9.57.86.965.



  • The fan’s motor is equipped with an internal temperature limit fuse protecting the engine from overheating.
  • The unit set does not include a feeding cable or a master switch.
  • The electrical installation and connection of the automatic control should be carried out in accordance with the electrical diagram by an appropriately qualified person.
  • The installation of the unit on the water side should be done in a such a way that enables future maintenance.
  • Both stub pipes should be connected to manual closing valves in order to cut off the device.