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Sonniger R Water-Fed Unit Heater (ambient option)

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The Water-fed Unit Heater is a groundbreaking solution for heating commercial and industrial buildings. It is uniquely designed and manufactured from expanded polypropylene which reduces the weight of a typical 70kW unit by up to 5 times that of a traditional steel encased unit heater. This results in ease of installation for the contractor, a lifetime casing guarantee for the customer and significant benefits to the environment.

The Water fan heater is ideal for all commercial and industrial applications: retail outlets; leisure centres; exhibition halls; warehouses; factories; garages; workshops; plant rooms.


  • Output range from 10-70kW
  • Modern Design
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Easy Installation with Multiple Positional Orientations: horizontal, vertical or tilted
  • Wall and Ceiling Mountable
  • 50db single phase motor
  • High Performance Parameters
  • Simplistic Range Offering
  • Flexible Control Options: thermostat and speed controller


Model No.Heat Output (kW)Max Air Flow (m3/hr)Fan Input/Consump
(V/Hz & A)
Fan Motor Power
Mount horiz (m)Mount verti (m)Unit Width (mm)Unit Height (mm)Unit Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Noise Level (dBa)Price
R110-304,900230/50 1.15A0.253-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)11.9 (full)56£400
R230-504,600230/50 1.15A0.253-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)14.8 (full)56£500
R350-704,400230/50 1.15A0.253-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)16.9 (full)56£600
MixN/A5,500230/50 1.15A0.253-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)9.256£300


  • The fan’s motor is equipped with an internal temperature limit fuse protecting the engine from its overheating
  • The unit set does not include a feeding cable or a master switch
  • The electrical installation and connection of the automatic control should be carried out in accordance with the electrical diagram by      an appropriately qualified person
  • The installation of the unit on the water side should be done in a such a way that enables future maintenance
  • Both stub pipes should be connected to manual closing valves in order to cut off the device