Sonniger HEATER R Unit Heater (LPHW)

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The Sonniger HEATER R fan unit heater (LPHW) is ultra lightweight for its type and ideal for all commercial and industrial applications: retail outlets; leisure centres; exhibition halls; warehouses; factories; garages; workshops; plant rooms.

Ideal for use with hot water generated from biomass boilers as well as gas and oil fired boilers. The R2 and R3 models can be used with ground source heating schemes also.

The ambient-air model operates as a de-stratification device mounted horizontally.

Note: heating outputs in the model selector (kW) are based on a mean water temp 70C & internal ambient temp 20C

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Product Description

The Sonniger Heater R unit heater (LPHW) is a groundbreaking solution for heating commercial and industrial buildings. It is uniquely designed and manufactured from expanded polypropylene which reduces the weight of a typical 70kW unit by up to 5 times that of a traditional steel encased unit heater. This results in ease of installation for the contractor, a lifetime casing guarantee for the customer and significant benefits to the environment.

Model No.Mount horizontal (m)Mount vertical (m)Unit Width (mm)Unit Height (mm)Unit Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Noise Level (dBa)
R1 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)11.9 (full)59.4
R2 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)14.8 (full)59.4
R3 (LPHW)3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)16.9 (full)60.5
Ambient air/de-stratification unit3-84-12680570375 (exc bracket)9.260.5

Key Features

  • Modern Design
  • Output range from 12-45kW (at mean water temp 70C & internal temp 0-20C)
  • Ideal for LPHW fed from Biomass/gas fired/oil fired/ground source heating boilers
  • Max airflow range 4400 m3/hr to 4900 m3/hr
  • Extremely Light Weight – 12-17 kg when filled
  • Easy Installation with Multiple Positional Orientations: horizontal, vertical or tilted
  • Wall and Ceiling Mountable
  • Noise 56 dBA at 5m distance
  • Flexible Control Options: thermostat and 3 speed controller
  • BMS module available
  • Dark grey with 3 interchangeable inserts/flashings

Technical Specifications

HEATER R1               
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/50
Inlet air temperature051015200510152005101520
Air flow 4100 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW20.819.317.816.414.917.716.314.813.411.914.713.211.710.38.8
Temperature o C1418.222.426.630.71216.220.324.528.69.914.118.222.325.3
Water flow m 3 /h0.
Pressure drop kPa18.616.314.
Air flow 2750 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW16.615.514.313.111.914.21311.910.79.511.810.
Temperature o C16.720.824.828.932.814.318.322.326.330.211.815.819.823.727.6
Water flow m 3 /h0.
Pressure drop kPa8.
Air flow 2050 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW14.
Temperature o C18.922.926.830.734.516.
Water flow m 3 /h0.
Pressure drop kPa6.
HEATER R2                    
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/5050/40
Inlet air temperature05101520051015200510152005101520
Air flow 3500 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW36.533.931.428.826.331.428.826.323.821.226.223.721.118.616.120.217.715.212.710.2
Temperature o C28.932.335.73942.224.828.231.534.737.920.724.027.330.433.616.019.222.425.628.6
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa18.216.013.911.910.
Air flow 2900 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW32.630.328.025.723.528.025.823.521.219.023.421.118.916.614.418.115.813.611.49.1
Temperature o C31.134.437.640.843.926.730.033.236.339.322.325.528.631.734.517.220.323.426.429.3
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa14.913.
Air flow 2000 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW26.424.422.520.718.922.620.718.917.115.318.917.115.213.411.614.512.710.99.17.4
Temperature o C35.438.541.544.447.230.533.536.439.242.025.528.431.234.036.719.622.525.227.930.6
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa10.
HEATER R3                    
Inlet/outlet water temperature90/7080/6070/5050/40
Inlet air temperature05101520051015200510152005101520
Air flow 3400 m3/h (speed 3)
Heat output kW52.359.045.742.439.145.141.838.435.131.737.834.531.127.724.328.9
Temperature o C40.042.645.247.750.134.537.139.642.144.529.031.534.036.438.822.224.627.129.531.9
Water flow m 3 /h2.
Pressure drop kPa23.420.818.316.013.818.315.913.711.69.713.611.
Air flow 3100 m3/h (speed 2)
Heat output kW45.142.239.436.533.738.93633.130.327.432.629.826.9242124.92219.116.213.2
Temperature o C43.545.948.250.352.837.539.942.244.446.731.533.836.138.340.524.126.328.630.832.9
Water flow m 3 /h21.
Pressure drop kPa17.815.91412.210.513.912.
Air flow 2200 m3/h (speed 1)
Heat output kW33.531.429.327.225.828.926.824.722.620.524.322.220.117.915.718.416.314.212.19.9
Temperature o C5052.15455.957.843.345.347.24950.836.438.440.24243.727.729.631.433.234.9
Water flow m 3 /h1.
Pressure drop kPa10.

Design & Installation

  • The fan’s motor is equipped with an internal temperature limit fuse protecting the engine from overheating.
  • The unit set does not include a feeding cable or a master switch.
  • The electrical installation and connection of the automatic control should be carried out in accordance with the electrical diagram by an appropriately qualified person.
  • The installation of the unit on the water side should be done in a such a way that enables future maintenance.
  • Both stub pipes should be connected to manual closing valves in order to cut off the device.