1/2″ Water Valve for Water-fed/LPHW Air Curtains

£27.00 ex VAT

For use with the water-fed/LPHW GUARD Air Curtain range

The half-inch (1/2″) Water Valve is used with the water-fed/LPHW version of the GUARD Air Curtain range. It gives installers manual control over the water supply to the Air Curtain.

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Product Description

The half-inch (1/2″) Water Valve can be used on its own to provide manual on/off control to the user. With the addition of the TS Lite Actuator the user has the option to automate the water flow.

With the above valve/actuator configuration you are then able to control the units via the COMFORT Panel or other available controls. This facilitates electronic thermostatic control and speed regulation.

Technical Specifications