Heat Exchanger Finned Tubes

Manufactured to your particular needs, for industrial heat exchangers and specialist heating solutions.

Our Finned Tubes

Finned tubes are central to the heating or cooling of liquids and gases across many industries. With a larger surface area than plain tubes, finned tubes enable more compact designs.

Turnbull & Scott manufacture spiral tension wound finned tubes for:

  • OEM customers to incorporate into their own products
  • Industrial end-user customers for heating or cooling of process liquids and gases
  • Specialist space heating applications such as in poultry sheds, churches & greenhouses

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Tube & Fin Arrangements


  • Tube diameters: 15 mm – 100mm
  • Tube lengths: 150mm–6,000mm (per unit/module)
  • Tube types:  A range of seamless and welded carbon steel and stainless steel tubes, the most common being the following:

Carbon Steel

    • ASTM A106B seamless
    • ASTM A179 seamless
    • EN 10255 welded

Stainless Steel

    • ASTM A213 welded grade 304 and 316
    • ASTM A312 seamless grade 304 and 316
Gilled Tube

Design & Material Options



Fin heights: 9.5mm to 38mm

Fin thickness:  0.6 mm to 1.2mm

Fins per inch: 2 to 8

Materials Combinations


Carbon steel tubes with carbon steel fins

Carbon steel tubes with stainless steel fins

Stainless steel tubes with carbon steel fins

Stainless steel tubes with stainless steel fins

Surface Treatment


Hot dip galvanised

Polyurethane coated

Zinc plated

Heat Exchanger Refurbishment and Repairs

At its factory in Hawick, Scottish Borders, Turnbull and Scott undertake complete heat exchanger bundle re-tubing and repairs. For very large heat exchangers that are difficult to transport, on-site repairs can be arranged.

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