Hotwell Boiler Feed Water Tanks

Standard, modular, and custom Hotwell Tanks

Hotwell Boiler Feed Water Tanks

As a core component in the boiler house, feed water tanks, commonly referred to as Hotwell tanks, must be robust and well-engineered to support the overall energy efficiency of the boiler.

We offer both a standard size range of feed water tanks and custom designed tanks with materials, dimensions and connection arrangements based on customer requirements.

Standard Range Hotwell Tanks

Tanks in our standard size range are typically manufactured in carbon steel, fully insulated with 50mm thick mineral wool and overclad in aluminum sheet. All our tanks are internally braced.

We offer four models with capacity and dimensions detailed in the table below. Tanks can also be manufactured to these standard dimensions in 304 stainless steel.

ModelCapacity (litres)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
Hotwell 21700125012501250
Hotwell 33400250012501250
Hotwell 46000300015001500

Custom Range Hotwell Tanks

Over and above the standard tank sizes we can accommodate requests for any other dimensions with fittings and accessories as required. Click the button below to make an enquiry.

Hotwell Tank

Accessories and Options

Make up water control valve and controller

Steam injection and temperature controller

Sight level gauge

Internal bracing

Support steelwork / access ladders

Flange or screwed connections

Aluzinc cladding for external corrosion protection

Tank lining for internal corrosion protection

Components of Standard Hotwell Tanks

  1. Steam sparge
  2. Steam sparge temp. sensor
  3. Condensate Return
  4. Inspection Hatch
  5. Temperature Gauge
  6. Water Level control sensor

7. Level indicator
8. Water Outlet
9. Feed Water Inlet
10. Chemical Injection
11. Open vent to atmosphere
12. Overflow Return

Labelled Hotwell Tank with just numbers in black
Hotwell tank image 2 with numbers

Modular and Multi Tank Designs

Where access and space is restricted in boiler houses, customers often opt for a modular approach to feed water tank design which can greatly facilitate installation. To accommodate such requests we have developed a modular framework that can be scaled to suit any tank capacity.