V Range - Scroll & Reciprocating Chillers

 Compact. Versatile. High performance. 

V Range Industrial Chillers
Chiller V Range Scroll Compressor

19 kW to 1196 kW: Highly reliable, versatile & compact scroll or reciprocating compressor chillers that present relatively low installation & operating costs. The range incorporates Water Cooled & Air Cooled chiller models including a Free Cooling version. With low vibrations & associated noise levels, these chillers are equally suited to industrial process & commercial HVAC comfort cooling applications.

V Range offers two lines across all models each running different classes of refrigerant to accommodate customer priorities in terms of efficiency & environmental sustainability:-

Standard & Low GWP Refrigerants V Range

ENERGYMISER - Optimised for efficiency using R410a, a well used & understood refrigerant in both industrial & commercial applications, & now also low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant R452b.

GREENMISER - With eco-sustainability at the heart of design at Geoclima, this line, with reciprocating compressors, is optimised for very low GWP refrigerants HFO-1234ze & R290.

Chiller V Range Scroll Compressor

Characterised by their compact size & light weight, these are particularly suited to smaller plants. However with the Energymiser line, larger capacities of several 000's kW can be achieved with Geoclima's innovative multi scroll compressor designs.

Chiller V Range Scroll Compressor

V Range chillers are typically Energy Class A rated (unless specified for custom applications) under EU Ecodesign Energy-Related Products & Energy Information Regulations 2021 with impressive EERs.

Chiller V Range Scroll Compressor

All units supplied completely wired & connection ready & equipped with proprietary, panel mounted Geotouch™ touchscreen programming & monitoring system.  With strong metal structures each unit is painted with epoxy powder & anti-rust coating as standard.

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Smart Chiller Technologies

Circlemod modular industrial chillers

The novel modular Circlemod series (VHA CM) facilitates future-proofing of cooling capacity . Each module, at up to 150kW, can be added to over time to meet an increasing cooling load demand up to 1200kW. The unique cylindrical microchannel condensers provide a 45% increase in heat exchange surface over traditional designs lowering both air inflow & condensing temperatures. A conic air-intake flow optimiser increases condenser efficiency by 10%.

Industrial Chiller Dynamic Noise Control

For environments sensitive to noise, the smart Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) system constantly measures chiller noise & "adapts" performance within permissible ranges & programmable time-slots.

Chiller V Range Scroll Compressor

The V Range provides significant scope for customisation enabling precise configuration of each model optimising for specific applications, operating conditions & priorities. Options include custom dimensions, galvanised frames with hersite coils, low speed fans & compressor sound insulation kits - Low noise (LN) or super low noise (LLN), low temp chilled water/glycol to -3°C, extreme climate operation adaptions (-40°C & +40°C), pump pressurisation units & expansion vessels, construction for explosive environments.

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V Range Chiller

VHA: 19kW - 1196kW

Air cooled chillers - scroll compressors (R452b) or reciprocating (R290 or HFO-1234ze) - Dry expansion evaporator - EC axial fans

Circlemod modular industrial chillers

VHA CM: ≤150kW per module 

≤8 modules (≤1200kW) - Air cooled chillers - scroll compressors - brazed plate exchanger evaporators - cylindrical condensers - EC axial fans

V Range Chiller

VHA FC: 18kW - 1163kW

Air cooled chillers - Free Cooling system - scroll compressors (R452b) or reciprocating (R290, HFO-1234ze) - Dry expansion evaporator - EC axial fans

V Range Water Chiller

VHH: 19kW - 676kW

Water cooled chillers - indoor install - scroll compressors (R452b) or reciprocating compressors (R290 or HFO-1234ze) - Dry expansion evaporator

V Range Industrial Chiller

VSE: 19kW - 611kW

Condenserless unit for indoor install & connection to remote condenser (RCE) - scroll compressors (R452b) or reciprocating (R290 or HFO-1234ze) - Dry expansion evaporator

V Range Chiller Unit

VSA: 19kW - 1196kW

Condensing unit for outdoor install & connection to independ. evaporator - scroll compressors (R452b) or reciprocating (R290 or HFO-1234ze) - AC or EC axial fans