Turbocor Smart Centrifugal Compressor Chillers

Ultra-efficient. Highly Intelligent. Precise.

Turbomiser Chiller

200kW - 2500kW:  Ultra-efficient Air Cooled & Water Cooled chillers with centrifugal compressors. Exceptionally precise chilled water temperature control at +/- 0.1oC of design temperature. Ideally suited for critical industrial cooling systems and sprecialist HVAC environments including data centres.

The Turbocor Smart range is designed around the pioneering Turbocor™ oil-free centrifugal compressors & have unparalleled intelligent load matching capability. The use of Turbocor™ compressors reduces energy demand & costs by up to 50% over traditional units using screw or reciprocating compressors.

Turbomiser Chiller

The range combines a group of technologies that deliver dramatically reduced energy consumption with exceptional EERs, ultra-reliability, low noise operation, reduced refrigerant charges which elevate the Turbocor Smart range to the top flight of chillers. The range incorporates Water Cooled chillers & Air Cooled chillers including models with Adiabatic & Free Cooling systems & the new 'EER superstar' chiller Circlemiser™.

Circlemiser chiller

The ultra-efficient Turbocor Smart range takes chiller efficiency to an incomparable level with its Circlemiser™ model (TMA-CM). A unique design incorporating a cascade flooded evaporator with cylindrical condensers that increases EER by up to +9.5% on a single compressor chiller unit & up to +15% on a multi compressor unit. Click here to fully discover Circlemiser™.

Chiller Technologies
Turbomiser Chiller Unit Refrigerants

Eco-sustanability is a paramount priority & Geoclima have excelled in the design of Turbocor Smart chillers working with ultral low GWP refrigerant HFO 1234ze in addition to standard R134a and R513a refrigerants.

Turbomiser Chiller

All units have built-in soft start (5 Amps) & are supplied completely wired & connection ready. All are equipped with proprietary, panel mounted Geotouch™ touchscreen programming & monitoring system. With strong metal structures each unit is painted with epoxy powder & anti-rust coating as standard.

Click here to explore the full Turbomiser™ chiller range.

Smart Chiller Technologies

Onboard Touch Chiller Unit

Remote monitoring, diagnostics & programming is available via the Onboard Touch™ web-based solution. From anywhere in the world the Geoclima engineering team, and approved trained on-site engineers, can analyse all chiller activity including voltage swings, that may affect performance, and fix problems to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Industrial Chiller Dynamic Noise Control

For environments sensitive to noise, the smart Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) system constantly measures chiller noise & "adapts" performance within permissible ranges & programmable time-slots.

Chiller Teslamiser

The new smart power supply management system Teslamiser™, enables the lithium battery to charge up during time-slots when energy costs are low and release stored energy when costs are higher. Also designed to function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to support chiller operation during power outage.

Turbomiser Chiller

Turbocor Smart range provides significant scope for precise configuration of each model enabling optimisation for specific priorities, applications & operating conditions. Customisation options include specific dimensions, galvanised frames with hersite coils, low speed fans & compressor sound insulation kits - Low noise (LN) or super low noise (LLN), low temp chilled water/glycol to -3oC, extreme climate operation adaptions (-40oC & +40oC), pump pressurisation units & expansion vessels, construction for explosive environments.


TMA: 200kW - 2400kW

Air cooled chillers - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - flooded evaporator (R134a) - dry expansion evaporator (HFO 1234ze) - EC axial fans

Turbocor Circlemiser Chiller Unit

TMA CM: 200kW - 1820kW

Circlemiser™ Air cooled chillers - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - cascade flooded evaporators - microchannel cylindrical condensers (+45% Hx surface) - EC axial fans

Turbomiser Water Chiller

TMA ES: 200kW - 2500kW

Air cooled chillers - Adiabatic system - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - flooded evaporator (R134a) - dry expansion evaporator (HFO 1234ze) - EC axial fans

Turbomiser Chiller

TMA FC: 190kW - 1200kW

Air cooled chillers - Free Cooling system - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - dry expansion evaporator (HFO 1234ze) - EC axial fans

Turbomiser Chiller

TMH: 200kW - 2500kW

Water cooled chillers - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - flooded evaporator (R134a) - dry expansion evaporator (HFO 1234ze)

Turbomiser chiller unit

TSE: 200kW - 2400kW

Water cooled chillers - condenserless - Turbocor centrifugal compressors - flooded evaporator (R134a) - dry expansion evaporator (HFO 1234ze)