Electric Finned Tube Radiator

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The electric finned tube radiator is designed for environments where a heavy-duty convector heater is required. Their IP65 rating means they can withstand splashes from low pressure water jets so can even be used in areas where periodic washing down needs to take place.

Highly versatile, these radiators are used in all sorts of settings including reception areas, retail stores, storage areas, static or mobile shipping containers, museum halls, zoos, greenhouses and they are absolutely ideal for plant and control rooms where electrical or fluid systems require protection from frost damage.

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Product Description

This tubular radiator is a highly robust electric convection heater used extensively in industrial environments for frost protection & temperature maintenance in plant rooms and cabinets, and for space heating in workshops, storage rooms, site offices etc. Its IP65 rating means it is also the first choice for sites where washing down may take place such as dairies, kennels & catteries, zoos, greenhouses and aboard marine vessels.

In addition to industrial applications, its ruggedly stylish look lends itself to commercial environments and public buildings also, such as libraries, museums, concert halls, retail stores and showrooms. The wire guard is recommended where close contact with people and animals cannot be avoided.

Because the Electric Finned Tube Radiator is made with almost no plastic (only 4 grammes) they are ideal in enclosed spaces such as underground and metro systems where fire regulations prohibit products with plastic that create smoke risks which may prevent easy exit.


Key Features

  • Heavy duty finned steel tube
  • Reliable mineral insulated metal sheathed element
  • Suitable for floor or wall mounting (must be horizontal)
  • Large terminal box for easy connections
  • Terminal box welded to tube and sealed to IP65
  • Slotted fixings for easier positioning
  • 230V and 110V units as standard (other voltages also available)
  • Special 24V 250W unit for mobile and small boat applications
  • Matt black high temperature powder coat finish as standard

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Technical Specifications

Cat No.Output:
VoltsLength(mm)Fix Cent (C) (mm)Height(mm)Depth(mm)Weight(kg)



Design & Installation

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).

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