Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heater

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Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heaters are a stylish type of convection heating devices which are easy to integrate into heating systems.

These heaters are versatile which allows you to incorporate them with any interior design. High performance parameters make this ideal for heating residential, public and office spaces.

Pure, clean aesthetics make this ideal for minimalist loft or high-tech design themes.

Select a product from stock below or contact our Technical Sales Team to explore and select from the vast range of height (depth), width and length configurations available in the full Hitte range.

Heat outputs can be found in the Technical Specifications drop-down menu below.

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Product Description

Floor Standing Convectors are now universally found throughout buildings of all type including homes, churches, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums providing discreet heating within entrance halls, reception areas, corridors, living and office spaces and conservatories.

This floor standing heater is minimalist, elegant, and subtle. Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heaters are highly effective, quiet and a discreet heating solution which is easy on the eye. It stands on the floor and the heat rises, by means of natural convection or fan forced for additional output. It can be used either as a primary heating system or a secondary system where it will help increase overall heating system efficiency by counteracting downdraught and condensation in highly glazed areas.

The Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heaters use piped hot water (LPHW) as a heat source or if you have no available LPHW we can offer a fan assisted electric version (request information). Hot water can be supplied from a conventional hot water boiler, solar energy hot water system or a ground source heat pump. The heat output directly relates to the flow/return temperatures of that source. Internal surfaces are insulated and coated with heat reflective finish to improve the trench’s efficiency.

Outputs can be found in the Technical Specifications drop down below.

Key Features

  • Zintec steel cover
  • Standard colour – white (contact us if you require a different colour)
  • Heat exchanger water connection
  • Water temperature: 38 – 110 C
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar
  • Dimensions of convector can be adjusted in accordance with your project


Technical Specifications

Heat exchanger water connection: inner threat G ½

Water temperature: 38 – 110 C

Maximum working pressure: 16 bar

Height – 105 mm, 205 mm

Width – 160 mm, 220 mm, 280 mm

Product Code – NSX

We can adjust the dimensions depending on your project.

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Floor Standing Trench Outputs

Design & Installation

Trench heating systems can be supplied in a multitude of geometries and with additional features such as ‘dummy’ sections where a continuous aesthetic is desired without additional heat output, with mitred corners, column features and even with curved trench sections. The standard colour is white but if we can provide powder coating to any RAL colour. We’d be delighted to help you explore options and design your optimum scheme. Just contact us for assistance and to talk through your ideas.

Our Trench Heaters should be installed by suitably qualified builders and electricians. The unit should be securely fixed and electrical connections made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS7671).