Hitte Fan-Assisted Electric Trench Heating

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Hitte Fan-Assisted Electric Trench heating is ideal for space heating where a conventional hot water supply is not readily available. When located under windows and highly glazed areas, it’s perfect for counteracting associated heat losses. Being fan-assisted, it heats up a space more rapidly and delivers a higher heat output than a natural convection electric trench system. Our on-line stock of 1m length or 2m length units boast heat outputs of 1.5kW & 3kW respectively.

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Product Description

Trench Heating is now universally found throughout buildings of all type including homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums providing discreet heating within entrance halls, reception areas, corridors, living and office spaces and conservatories.

Hitte Fan-Assisted Electric Trench heating is a discreet and highly effective heating solution which is ideal for locations where a hot water supply is not readily available. It is set into the floor, within a trench, and the heat rises through an attractive aluminium grille that sits flush with the floor surface. It can be used either as a primary heating system or a secondary system where it will help increase overall heating system efficiency by counteracting downdraught and heating losses in highly glazed areas.

Electric Trench uses wire wound electrical elements as the heat source and cross-flow fans to amplify the heating output and accelerate space warming. Internal surfaces are insulated and coated with heat reflective finish to improve the efficiency of the trench.

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Key Features

  • High Heat Output units – 1.5kW or 3kW
  • Supplied in standard lengths of 1m and 2m
  • Height/Depth 125mm & Width 305mm
  • Standard grille of aluminium – anodised finish
  • Trough Material of 304L Stainless Steel as standard
  • Operates on 230V single phase electrical supply
  • Integral fuse to prevent element overheating

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Technical Specifications

Electric Fan Assisted Trench Heater
Product Code
(stock models)
Electrical SupplyMax Noise
EXX1253051000XNXX10003051251500230V/50hz 9A28
EXX1253052000XNXX20003051253000230V/50hz 15A44
The table above relates to stock models which are available for fast delivery. For details of other lengths download Electric Trench Brochure above

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Design & Installation

Trench heating systems can be supplied in a multitude of geometries and with additional features such as ‘dummy’ sections where a continuous aesthetic is desired without additional heat output, with mitred corners, column features and even with curved trench sections. We’d be delighted to help you explore options and design your optimum scheme. Just contact us for assistance and to talk through your ideas.

Our Trench Heaters should be installed by suitably qualified builders and electricians. The unit should be securely fixed and electrical connections made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS7671).