Recessed Electric Ceiling Heater

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Recessed ceiling heaters are designed for installation into either a standard suspended grid or plasterboard ceiling, wherever there is sufficient space above to accommodate them.

They can be installed as the main or supplementary heating in shops, reception areas and offices.  Locating the units in positions of greatest heat loss gives an easy solution to uneven heating of open plan areas.

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Product Description

Tucked away in the ceiling space of a standard suspended grid or plasterboard ceiling, this electric fan heater is ideal for use where available wall and floor space is limited or where a clean or minimal interior design style is applied.

With a fan driving the warm air downwards it helps to counteract cool air creeping in from drafts and hovering at lower levels . Even in fan only mode (non-TT versions), it acts as a de-stratification device balancing the air temperature from floor to ceiling ensuring a comfortable temperature at floor level.

Key Features

  • Models for suspended grid/T-bar/drop/modular ceilings 600mm x 600mm (RCHS model type)
  • Models for plasterboard ceilings 600mm x 400mm (RCHR model type)
  • Models for surface mounting (RCHB model type)
  • All types have choice of 3kW and 4.5kW heat output models
  • All  types have remote switching unit supplied for heat selection and fan only options
    • Alternative ‘TT’ versions available, with 2 relays fitted, for own control selections
  • Front mounted intake ensuring re-circulation of room air only
  • Minimum unit height means ease of installation in smaller ceiling voids
    • Front cover can be modified for non standard tiles
  • White textured powder coated finish front cover (RAL9003)
  • Easy access to connections for quick installation
  • Over temperature safety cut-out with power off reset

Technical Specifications

Product CodeCeiling TypeOutput
suspended grid
3.0230590570210Remote switch supplied: 3, 2,
or 1kW & fan only
/suspended grid
4.5230590570210Remote switch supplied: 2.25 or
4.5kW & fan only
3.0230620420210Remote switch supplied: 3, 2,
or 1kW & fan only
4.5230620420210Remote switch supplied: 2.25 or
4.5kW & fan only
3.0230590405210Remote switch supplied: 3, 2,
or 1kW & fan only
4.5230590405210Remote switch supplied: 2.25 or
4.5kW & fan only
All models above
with suffix
'TT' added
Technical spec. as above but with two relays added for installation of own controls. None (fitted with 2 relays)

Design & Installation

The minimal height of the unit allows it to be fitted within a ceiling void of 250mm. The maximum recommended mounting height is 3m.

Connection should be made to a suitably fused power supply via the remote switch unit or a 2 pole switched connection unit having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles. Access to the connector block is gained by opening the side cover plate (1 screw), connection is then made using cables with 4 cores and earth, with at least one being rated to take the full load current.

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).

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