Taskmaster – Electric Workshop Heater Package

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This Workshop Package version of the heavy duty Taskmaster Electric Unit Heater has a range of controls/accessories included: a de-stratification thermostat (fitted); a remote thermostat with on/off switch (supplied) and a vertical mounting bracket (supplied) for ceiling suspension and vertical airflow. Models available 3kW-30kW heat output.

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Product Description

This Workshop Heater Package version of the  rugged Taskmaster Electric Unit Heater is mounted horizontally at high level to act as combination heater and de-stratification fan and thus operates as an energy saving unit heater. The ‘package’ consists of a CUH Electric Unit Heater fitted with a de-stratification thermostat, and supplied with a remote thermostat with on/off switch and a vertical mounting bracket. Eye bolts for chain suspension can be requested as an alternative to the mounting brackets.

Key Features

  • Fitted de-stratification thermostat
  • Remote thermostat with on/off switch supplied
  • Vertical mounting bracket supplied
  • Rugged heavy duty finned metal sheathed elements
  • Totally enclosed permanently lubricated motor for increased reliability
  • Automatic reset over temperature cut out for added safety
  • Fan delay switch to purge unit of residual heat on switch off
  • Draw through design for efficient air circulation
  • Adjustable directional louvres for optimum airflow

Technical Specifications

Cat No.Output;
VoltsHeater Length(mm)Heater Height(mm)Heater Depth(mm)
Max mounting height(m)
Max mounting height(m)

Design & Installation

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).

For optimum performance the heater should not be mounted higher than the maximum height shown in the table. The heaters should not be mounted at a height of less than 2.2m with 3.3kW – 5kW units not closer than 300mm to walls or the ceiling and 7.5kW – 40kW not closer than 450mm to the ceiling and 600mm to walls.

The Standard mounting brackets ensure minimum clearances are maintained and are detailed in the table below. Vertical airflow units can be suspended from chains using the CUH-EYE eye bolt set.

CUHW diagram DimensionsCUH dimensions