The Intellibatic System

Transformative adiabatic cooling system that configures according to the weather conditions.

Automatic Adiabatic Functionality

The INTELLIBATIC functionality transforms the Dry Cooler into a highly efficient adiabatic cooling system providing effective cooling even in hot weather. During normal UK weather conditions it operates as a traditional Dry Cooler, but during periods of hot weather where the desired cooling temperature cannot be achieved using fan control, it “independently decides” the most efficient configuration based on the actual environmental conditions.


At ambient air temperatures ≤ 25C or relative humidity ≥ 80% (*standard settings):

  • INTELLIBATIC system operates in Dry Cooler mode
  • Lower range fan speeds sufficient to achieve target cooling temperature

As air temperature rises ≥ 25C relative humidity ≤ 80% (*standard settings):

  • Fan speed increases
  • Adiabatic mode kicks in
  • Adiabatic panels open and fan speed decreases even when temperature rises
    • No bacterial proliferation
    • Self-draining system
    • No water stagnation
  • Minimised water consumption
  • Minimised energy consumption
  • No water treatment requirement

*Switch-over parameters can be modified to suit local requirements

Automatic Switchover to Adiabatic Mode

The INTELLIBATIC Dry Cooler is equipped with an innovative evaporative system which uses the natural process of adiabatic cooling to provide an enhanced cooling effect during warmer weather. The evaporative system is particularly effective and efficient when the ambient temperature is high and the relative humidity is lower than 60%.

Central to this system are padded panels that automatically move in, adjacent to the cooling coils, as the cooling mode switches over from standard dry air cooling into adiabatic mode. The ability of these panels to move and water flow to cease differentiates the INTELLIBATIC model significantly from other pad system adiabatic coolers where the panels are permanently fixed against the cooling coils, impeding air-flow when in dry cooler mode.

Adiabatic PADS System

Water drops from the top of the frame and wets the pads. The hot dry air from the surrounding environment passes through the wetted pads and by means of natural evaporation the air is cooled before it passes over the cooling coils. The evaporation effect reduces the air temperature by as much as 8 °C greatly increasing the efficiency of the coolers.

the adiabic process

Photo: Adiabatic PADS System

Automatic Return to Dry Cooler Mode

In cooler weather, when the ambient temperature is low enough to achieve the target cooling temperature without the ‘boost’ of wetted adiabatic pads, the INTELLIBATIC system switches out of adiabatic mode moving the adiabatic panels automatically out of the air inflow reducing the burden on the fans and electrical energy consumption.

Dry Cooler mode adiabatic panels

Photo: In Dry Cooler mode, the adiabatic panels move away from the coils to avoid impeding airflow

Video: Intellibatic switching from adiabatic mode to dry cooler mode

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