Clean Heat 24: Future of Sustainable Heating in Scotland

In the heart of Scotland’s push towards a greener future, the Scottish Enterprise Clean Heat event emerged as a critical convening point for those at the forefront of the sustainable heating sector. Bringing together a wide array of stakeholders—from innovators in the private sector to key public officials and academic experts—the conference underscored the collective mission to transform Scotland’s heat supply to one that’s fully decarbonised.

Turnbull & Scott were proud participants in this vibrant forum, which not only highlighted the challenges lying on the path to our decarbonisation targets but also charted a course for overcoming these barriers together.

Clean Heat: A Rallying Cry for Collective Action

The conference, attended by hundreds, transitioned the conversation from individual efforts to a unified strategy in the clean heat transition, mirroring a nationwide call to action against climate change. This shift was epitomised by the insights shared by Patrick Harvey MSP, the Minister for Net Zero Carbon Buildings, during his eye-opening keynote. Harvey’s message was clear: Scotland is currently off pace to meet its ambitious 2045 decarbonisation goals, necessitating a collaborative push across all sectors.

Amidst these calls to action, Sam Rippin, our Marketing Manager, offered reflections that captured the essence of the event’s significance: “It was fantastic to hear more about the strategies driving the growth potential of the Clean Heat market in Scotland. The convergence of so many like-minded individuals and businesses underscores our shared commitment to a net-zero future.”

Turnbull & Scott's stand at clean heat 24

Clean Heat: Innovations and Solutions Take Center Stage

At Turnbull & Scott, we seized the opportunity to showcase our contributions towards achieving the goals, bringing our advanced transportable heat projects and engaging in meaningful dialogues about the future of sustainable heating. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability resonated with the event’s themes, aligning with the broader industry and public sector efforts detailed throughout the conference.

Local government representatives laid out their Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES), envisaging a future of integrated district heating networks and scalable clean heat solutions. Meanwhile, Scottish companies introduced cutting-edge technologies, from efficient thermal storage systems to revolutionary heat pumps, sparking conversations on overcoming existing challenges to heat decarbonisation.

The significance of our exhibition was further amplified by a visit from Patrick Harvey MSP, who took a moment to explore our projects. Harvey expressed his expectations for the impact of our initiatives on Scotland’s green transition and affirmed our efforts towards achieving these ambitious goals. His interest and recognition of our work underscored the vital role that innovation plays in Scotland’s decarbonisation journey and served as a strong encouragement for our team to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable heating technology.

Our MD Peter Murphy with Patrick Harvie MSP at Clean heat 24

Forward Together: Embracing Opportunities and Overcoming Barriers

The discussions also ventured into the realms of funding and investment, recognizing the crucial role of private sector engagement alongside public initiatives to unlock the full potential of Scotland’s clean heat transition. It was a day marked by optimism, underpinned by a shared recognition of the hurdles we face and the innovative pathways to surmount them.

As we reflect on the insights and encouragement received at #CleanHeat24, our resolve is stronger than ever. With the support and recognition from figures like Patrick Harvey MSP, and the shared commitment of our industry peers, Turnbull & Scott is more determined to lead the way in sustainable heating solutions, contributing significantly to Scotland’s net-zero ambitions.