Covid-19 Pandemic drives workaround installation solutions

Covid-19 brought many challenges and when tasked with tricky installation projects, our operations team put heads together with customers to find ways to ensure that several key installation projects were completed despite the restrictions.

One such experience occurred on a project to install 14 of our Thermolier steam unit heaters, along with 340m of associated condensate pipework at a paper production plant in the north of England.

Working through periodic regional lockdowns, continual observance of social distancing protocols, what was planned as a two week installation project in the Spring of 2020 turned into a 3-month marathon in the Autumn.

Jodie Emmerson, Operations Manager, described how in collaboration with the client it was agreed that rather than take place as originally planned over two working weeks, the installation would take place over several weekends to avoid as much contact as possible with the client’s operations team.

The number of weekends involved however stretched out too due to a local COVID outbreak at the plant. Even after this had been contained, delays continued as the client had to instigated extra weekend working to recover lost production.

The team also had other challenges that came with agreeing to travel to a different area against the backdrop of a pandemic such as staying in hotels with all the social distancing rules and the restricted availability of food.

Great resilience was shown by the team who volunteered to carry out this project and we are incredibly proud of the team for carrying out such a challenging project in such testing circumstances.