Design Collaboration

The breadth and depth of our team’s engineering expertise enable us to support our customers, from a broad range of industries, in the conceptualisation, evaluation and implementation of their projects. 

In addition to our expertise in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, our customers value our team’s approachability, engaging communication style and candour. 



From Script to Sculpt

Understand the stages of our design collaboration and what we can provide. We offer an accessible initial consultation at no extra charge for simpler engagements. This approach ensures a seamless integration of your vision and our expertise, crafting designs that resonate with your unique needs.


Thermal Energy Store

Thermal energy storage (TES) design, crucial for energy optimization in renewable integration, industrial processes, and building climate control, encompasses various forms like sensible, latent, and thermochemical storage.

At Turnbull & Scott we offer design support which considers factors like material selection, heat transfer mechanisms, insulation, and control systems to maximize the system's overall efficiency and reliability. By harnessing and storing thermal energy effectively, we can help you reduce energy waste and enhance sustainability. 

We've finished a lab-scale aggregate-based TES for clients, and will now build our PCM-based heat store. See more on our heat storage page

Phase Changing Material

Turnbull and Scott have been working with universities and industrial partners in the innovation of a phase change material (PCM) to develop a prototype heat storage system using the PCM, creating storage and heat deployment devices to take advantage of these behaviours.

When heated, PCMs absorb significant amounts of latent energy when transitioning physical states. This energy can be stored in the PCM and then used to heat another process.

When cooling, the properties of PCMs allow the material to release the energy and this enables the development of reliable heat transfer devices, a key aspect in the development of sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Nuclear Ventilation

Hinkley Point C, currently under development, is an example of Nuclear New Build in the UK that Turnbull & Scott are involved in.

We are providing high-quality heat exchangers for nuclear ventilation systems that are corrosion-resistant and suitable for various conditions including high-humidity weather for coastal sited nuclear plants.

Ventilation is a crucial part of the whole Hinkley Point project. Turnbull & Scott, with our 90 years of history in heat exchanger design and HVAC, is providing more reliable and long-service life products as well as solutions for this national project.


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