Accessories for Taskmaster Electric Unit Heaters

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To increase the flexibility of heavy-duty unit heaters there are a number of accessories available, including brackets for mounting unit heaters for vertical discharge that improve efficiency by recirculating high-level hot air.


  • CUH-TH   Integral thermostat (range 10°C to 32°C)
  • CUH-DTH   Integral de-stratification thermostat
  • CUH-RTH   Remote thermostat with on/off switch (range 5°C to 35°C)
  • CUH-FSW   Fan only switch
  • CUH-C35   Wall bracket (3-5kW) – horizontal airflow
  • CUH-C720   Wall bracket (7.5-15kW) – horizontal airflow
  • CUH-C2550   Wall bracket (20-40kW) – horizontal airflow
  • CUH-VB35   Vertical bracket (3-5kW) – vertical airflow
  • CUH-VB720   Vertical bracket (7.5-15kW) – vertical airflow
  • CUH-V2550   Vertical bracket (20-40kW) – vertical airflow
  • CUH-EYE   Eye-bolt set for chain suspension

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Design & Installation

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).