Hitte Trench Heating and Cooling System

Hitte Heating and Cooling Trench is an impressive heating and cooling system which is ideal for continued use throughout the year, whether it’s the hottest of summers or coldest of winters. With the addition of a low voltage axial fan, the system offers great outputs on both heating and cooling loops.

This product range provides an option of either two pipe or four pipe water supply configurations to accommodate which ever water supply system is available in the building or installation zone. To find out more about this, read the product description below.

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Product Description

Trench Heating is now universally found throughout buildings of all types including homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums providing discreet heating within entrance halls, reception areas, corridors, living and office spaces and conservatories. It is set into the floor, within a trench, and the heat rises through an attractive aluminium grille that sits flush with the floor surface.

Subtle, it perfectly complements the modern minimalist interior design style and is ideal where space is at a premium. It is often the architect’s heating system of choice when seeking to utilise natural light in the most effective way and incorporating large areas of glazing in new developments, building extensions or refurbishments.

With a Heating & Cooling Trench Heating system, higher heating outputs and enhanced air flow can be achieved from a low and safe 24V cross-flow, where fans force the air over the finned heat exchanger elements and accelerating the air flow. This makes a Heating & Cooling Trench Heating system an ideal, powerful yet discreet primary heating system or a fast acting secondary heating system, perfect for counteracting downdraught or condensation in highly glazed areas. There is an option to purchase a condensate pump to help remove unwanted liquid from the trench.

This product provides the customer with the option of either two pipe or four pipe configurations. The selection of a two pipe or four pipe system largely depends on the piped water system available within a building or sections of a building . With a two pipe water system the supply is either in heating or cooling mode and is switched from one to the other as needed. The two pipe heating and cooling trench heater will deliver warm air when hot water is run through the water supply system, or cold air when it is switched over to a chilled water supply. When a building, or section of a building, has a four pipe water supply, both chilled water for cooling and hot water for heating are supplied in parallel and typically controlled locally via actuators.

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Technical Specifications

Popular Models (other models available)

Fan Assisted LPHW
Trench Heater
Product Codes
(Stock Models)
Heat Output
at mean water
temp 70C
Noise Level
801752000132324V DC26
803051000100724V DC24
803052000247824V DC26
125175100073224V DC28
1251752000180124V DC44
1253051000158924V DC28
1253052000391024V DC44
The table above relates to our 7 stock models. The heat outputs indicated are based on a typical boiler system with mean water temperature of 70C, an ambient room temp of 20C and the fan speed is set at 70%.

Heat Output Table (models above)

Height (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Temp. of waterElectrical Consumption at 24VDC (W)Cooling Output at 70% fan speed (W)

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Design & Installation

Our Trench Heaters should be installed by suitably qualified builders, plumbers and electricians. The unit should be securely fixed and electrical connections made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS7671).

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