Our Green Croft Bottling Plant Case Study

Thermolier Space Heaters & Process Pipe-Work

Greencroft Bottling based near Durham is one of the largest wine bottlers in Europe. Filling over 70 million bottles a year in their 70,000 sq ft state of the art facility, they supply a wide range of quality wines to airlines, supermarkets, major high street retailers, restaurants and bars

Client Requirements

Greencroft has a 240,000 sq ft warehouse facility adjacent to their bottling plant offering a comprehensive bonding and distribution service to their clients. As every wine drinker knows, it is crucially important for wine to be stored in strictly controlled conditions which minimise the risk of faults developing and enhance its shelf life and taste. This need to ensure the perfect conditions where the temperature never falls below 5°c led Greencroft to contact Turnbull & Scott with a request to design a functional and cost effective system.

Solution Provided

Turnbull & Scott conducted a heat loss survey of Greencrofts bonded warehouse and produced a thermodynamic design recommending the use of Thermolier Space Heaters which, in utilising heat exchanger technology, keep costs at bay.

The complete bespoke solution of Thermolier Space Heaters and process pipe-work provided was designed, manufactured and installed under our ISO 9001 quality management system to integrate with a 7,000kg/hr duel fuel Byworth steam boiler.

Bespoke solution with ISO 9001 quality

2,000m of steam process pipe-work with isolation valves & condensate trap sets

Operates with steam gas, oil or biomass LPHW boilers

Benefits to Clients

This system provided a cost effective solution as warm air which normally accumulates in the apex of high spaces is re-distributed to ground level providing an even temperature across the warehouse. Installation was carried out in a manner which caused minimal disruption to the warehouse operations.

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