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  • Located in the heart of London, the Royal Academy of Arts is an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects.
  • Their main purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment, and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education, and debate.
  • Having secured £12.7m lottery funding, David Chipperfield Architects (DCA) took the lead in the refurbishment.
  • The main development projects involve linking the main Burlington House building to the gardens via a link bridge.
  • The academy completed an upgrade to modernise its facilities and displays. solve

  • As part of the refurbishment within the building, the academy management team, along with DCA, decided that the newly modernised exhibition space required an equally practical and stylish heating solution.
  • Metropolitan Services were contacted by DCA to carry out appointed electrical work for the project. Turnbull & Scott was contacted to provide the heating solution required – our Heavy Duty Tubular Heater (CFT).

“We were very impressed with the quality of the product in both its construction and finish. T&S customer service and technical advice were of a high standard and could not fault their accommodation to the design features of the product. We would recommend T&S to any of our clients and T&S are now one of our approved suppliers.”



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  • Turnbull & Scott adapted our UK-manufactured CFT to provide versions in a matt white powder-coated finish.
  • This solution is very stylish with the finned tube radiator while simultaneously providing a 1kW heating output as required.
  • Metropolitan Services installed a BMS system that allows control of the area’s temperatures between 10°C and 30°C.
  • Turnbull & Scott accommodated the fitting of safety cut-outs as requested and provided by Metropolitan Services.
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Finned Tube Radiator

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