15W 230VAC-24VDC Transformer for Trench Heaters

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Product Description

This transformer takes conventional 230V AC electrical voltage and transforms it to 24V DC, giving users the required safe voltage for systems working with low-pressure hot water. 

This supply is compatible with the Siemens RDG 160T Smart Infrastructure Thermostat and our Hitte LPHW Fan Assisted Trench Heating. With the trench heating, transformer and smart thermostat, Turnbull & Scott are able to offer customers everything needed for an efficient and comprehensive trench heating system.

 This transformer is suitably rated to around 5m of our fan assisted trench heating.

If you are looking to provide a 24VDC power supply for more than 5m of trench heating, please contact us for prices on our full range from 15W – 480W.