Turnbull & Scott Engineers | Exclusive UK suppliers of Sonniger

Turnbull & Scott Engineers, Hawick, are the exclusive UK suppliers of a carefully selected product portfolio from Sonniger including industrial air curtains and a new breed of unit heater.

Managing Director Peter Murphy is convinced that the UK market offers enormous potential for Sonniger – as a long-standing international supplier, their products and services: “Sonniger Heating Partners is a well-known market leader, and its product range fits perfectly with UK companies’ innovative and ecological requirements.”

The current product range includes the “Water Fan Heater” as well as the commercial and industrial air curtains “Guard” and “GuardPro”; Murphy believes there are numerous opportunities: “These are all innovative products which meet the current requirements for saving energy in new construction, modernisation and rehabilitation for commercial and industrial construction in a unique manner. They offer investors, builders and operators a wide variety of long-term advantages – for example in terms of price, weight, installation and energy-efficient operation.”
The water fan heater is a new innovative heating product that is lightweight and sleek with 10-70kW options for powerful output within commercial and industrial settings.

The Water Fan Heater for perfect climatic conditions in industrial applications

sonniger water fan heaterOperators have to rely on contemporary solutions for heating large industrial spaces. During the winter months in particular they must reduce heat loss and ensure an acceptable ambient temperature. The “Water Fan Heater” is state-of-the-art and can be easily combined with all current water based heating systems. The perceived noise level for the device is very low and its light weight of between 11.9 – 16.9kg when filled is a key aspect for the load-bearing capacities of ceilings and walls. The weight is also a key factor for installers, as it is no longer necessary to have several employees on location. Its appealing design and rust-free EPP housing are further advantages of the heater. At present, three models of the water fan heater are available.

Air Curtains: ‘Guard’ and ‘GuardPro’ protect against heat and cooling loss

sonniger guard air curtainDespite constantly opening doors and shutters the room temperature in commercial and industrial properties is targeted to remain constant. Two of Sonniger’s air curtains prevent uncontrolled heat loss: the commercial air curtain “Guard” and the industrial air curtain “GuardPro”.

These are designed for use in both entry and exit areas in all sizes of commercial and industrial buildings. They differ, in particular, in terms of their air output throw: “Guard” can generate a throw of up to 3.5m, “GuardPro” can cover up to 7.5m. As a result, the “Guard” air curtain is recommended for use in standard commercial applications with a lot of public traffic – such as retail outlets and shopping centres, however, it can also be used as a protective curtain in production facilities where oily substances, chemical vapours and other potential air pollutants are used. Three variations are available: It can be obtained in three sizes – with a heat exchanger, electrical heater or without heating depending on requirements.

sonniger guard proThe “GuardPro” industrial air curtain is suitable for creating a protective barrier against heat loss at building entrances. It prevents cold air from entering the building from the outside thanks to its precise orientation. The “GuardPro” can be used without heating in summer and prevents extreme heat from entering, whilst also protecting against dirt, dust and insects. Its energy saving attributes make the “GuardPro” ideal for use at entrances and exits in storage facilities, factories, and other large-scale commercial and logistics areas. Two performance categories for this model are available (150W & 200W) and it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The “GuardPro” is available in ? and ? variations as well as ambient.

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