Alan Simpson's Poultry Farm Case Study

Manufacture & Installation of 560m Galvanised Gilled/Finned Tube

Alan Simpson Farming is one of the UK's largest single-site broiler growers satisfying demand for high-quality birds. The business was started in 1967 and now produces 470,000 broilers on a seven-crop cycle

Client Requirements

The farm has a strong history of investing in new facilities and houses. In conjunction with Turnbull & Scott, the farm management designed and install led a preconditioning air heater, which is thought to be unique in the UK. This design for the new sheds allows air to be preheated before entry, giving summer conditions to the chickens all year round. With warm, dry air entering the shed, litter conditions are improved, which in turn gives the customer cleaner, higher quality birds. Coupled with under-floor heating, this results in the highest environmental standards.

Solution Provided

Turnbull & Scott manufactured and supplied 560 metres of 65mm bore hot-dip galvanised gilled (finned) tubes in a double stacked arrangement running along both sides of the shed. This enables the shed to be heated using water at 80°c from a conventional or biomass boiler.

560m Galvanised Gilled (Finned) Tube

Tube - 65mm nominal bore

Mean water temperature of 80°c

Benefits to Clients

Galvanised gilled (finned) tube is ideal for areas where exposure to frost and extreme conditions requires a robust and corrosion resistant solution. Galvanised gilled (finned) tube will also withstand the high pressure washing required during the regular changeover periods, ensuring hygiene standards are maintained at all times.

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