Distributed Energy Generation Sector: Fertile Ground for Heat Exchange

Since its origin in 1933 supporting the steam infrastructure for the textiles mills in the Scottish Borders, Turnbull & Scott has continually extended its reach with the supply of extended surface heat exchanger products into many different sectors in the UK and beyond.

In recent years, the rapidly expanding distributed energy generation sector has provided significant opportunities for the company. Key areas have been air pre-heating and condensate cooling solutions for turbine systems in pure play power plants and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, flue gas heat recovery units, and heat exchanger coils for direct and indirect use of heat energy.

While operating through the COVID19 pandemic has brought its own peculiar challenges to every business, we were delighted to fulfil our latest order for a major new UK Energy from Waste (EfW) Plant very close to plan.

Although many energy projects are localised around large industrial plants, the plant in this particular project will export electricity directly to the grid. It will use Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) as feedstock to produce syngas to fuel its steam turbine.

We supplied heat exchanger products for two different purposes. Firstly, the team designed and manufactured 6 steam-fed air preheaters, each with sub-cooling sections, to pre-heat the air for the combustion process in the gasifiers that produce the syngas. Secondly, we supplied a large 14 fan, 29m Dry Air Cooler to cool the steam generator condensate prior to it being recirculated via deaerators.

We very much welcome the growing number of enquiries in this multi-technology sector both for new build projects and increasingly for replacement heat exchangers in the well-established plants. We are particularly pleased as a UK manufacturer to be able to supply into the replacement market as the early plants were often delivered by non-UK EPCI contractors that brought in non-UK manufactured equipment with them.